Impulse Purchase Research

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Hultén, Peter, and Vladimir Vanyushyn. "Promotion and Shoppers ' Impulse Purchases: The Example of Clothes." The Journal of Consumer Marketing 31.2 (2014): 94-102. ProQuest. Web. 18 Mar. 2015.
The author of this source is Peter Hultén and Vladimir Vanyushyn. Peter Hultén is a Senior Lecturer at USBE, Umeå School of Business and Economics. Vladimir Vanyushyn is a Lecturer in Marketing at USBE, Umeå School of Business and Economics. Peter has published papers on shoppers ' impulse purchase behavior, decision-making and management of customer complaints in the B2B sector. Vladimir has published papers on shoppers ' impulse purchase behavior and is currently involved in research on factors affecting growth of SMEs.
The publication date for this
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There are no biases in this source. The author explains the information gathered in a solitary way. The author uses other sources to help his tone sound informational.
This source is intended for audience who wonder why they purchase an abundance of clothes. The intended audience may be women and young teenagers. The details from the source that helps determine for what audience this is intended for are “Impulse Buying”. Details that might make the readers want to read this are “Impulse purchases induced by TV commercials”, “In-store promotion and gender” and “Impulse purchases induced by direct-mail marketing.”
The data presented shows surveys done to shoppers to see what makes them purchase items and to find out more ways to attract customers. The purpose of the data is to help the author prove his hypothesis of why customers purchase items. This data is clearly presented throughout the source to make sure readers remember the quantitative
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Dadhe writes in a form where there is subtitles, abstracts, and charts with numerical data on them. Although an English major would preferably write it in paragraph style and mainly discuss the results rather than present them in a chart. The English major would have a topic sentence to combine the two different paragraphs instead of putting subtitles as Dadhe did. What I found convincing in the journal source was when Dadhe stated that “In order for brands to appeal and attract customers despite the enormous options they have, brands should aggressively differentiate themselves from their

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