Reflective Essay On English 1101

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In the beginning of this semester, my journey began as a developing writer. The developmental course is just a trial to move on to English 1101 that hopefully has been deemed successful. There has been so much taught to me in this class, and so much room for improvement within all of my essay written for the course. With all of my improvements as a writer, and within my writing process, let me take the leap to English 1101. The start of the semester, the professor gave us a two articles to read. “Lamott’s, Shitty First Drafts” was the first article we received in the semester to read. The reading wasn’t difficult, but was actually rather informative with my situation while developing my processes. It taught me that good writing can begin with a terrible first draft, but that’s all in the process of writing a good paper. …show more content…
As it had many sources to pick from, the topic chosen by me was difficult to write about. The topic “do police use deadly force too often?” is what was being written about. The issue for this essay was finding reliable sources to fight for the claim. Thought essay three was difficult to write, it makes me feel that it was near perfect essay written about the topic. With time, this essay could have had the potential to be one of my good essays, but with the timeframe simple did not meet up with me. Essay four was a 750 word minimum, written as a research topic. My topic was about how the resistances rebelled against the Nazi genocide. I’ve always been fascinated in history, this is why this topic was so fun to write. When writing this essay, I made if very descriptive research paper about how the resistances came together and defeated the Nazi empire. This essay was one of my best written. We learned how to find reliable sources for our essays through this one. By this essay, quoting and citing a reliable source was something that was already taught to me in the earlier parts of the

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