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  • The Theme Of Guilt In Maus By Art Spiegelman

    Maus is a two volume graphic novel written by Art Spiegelman. This intriguing work, which is the winner of the 1992 Pulitzer Prize, take us through the story of Art interviewing his father, Vladek, of his experiences from the Holocaust. Throughout the first volume, we can get an idea that for some unknown reason, Art has a feeling of guilt over him. As the book goes on, we can see that even though Art was not involved with the Holocaust in any way, the whole ordeal seems to have an affect on his life. What kind of guilt is lingering over Art Spiegelman? As readers of Maus, it’s clear that there are at least three speculations for Art’s guilty conscience. We can see this thorough out the story with the though-provoking material provided to us…

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  • Case Study Of Two Ping-Pong Balls

    Part #1.- Adian and I created a carrier for two Ping-Pong balls that look like pair of glasses. To make this model we used four rectangular prisms and a cube. We used two long and skinny rectangular prisms to make the two temples of the glasses, and we used two rectangular prisms to make the two lenses. Then, we made a cube to be the bridge of the pair of glasses. We selected these shapes because when put together they resemble a pair of glasses, and we were familiar with the shapes. We also…

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  • Factual Analysis Experiment

    of wood and measured all of its dimensions. Using these values we were to find the area, volume, and density of the block of wood. We also calculated the maximum area, volume, and density using the uncertainty values that we were…

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  • Density Of Soda Experiment

    Introduction: Introduction and Theory: The lab conducted was to investigate the density of not only copper but also diet and non-diet soda. Techniques used in the experiment included water-displacement, measuring copper’s dimensions, and using volumetric pipettes to measure out specific soda volumes. Beginning Question(s): How does the use of two experimental methods, improve the chances of calculating the density of copper? How does the density of non-diet soda compare to that of diet soda…

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  • Affecting The Density Of Sugar In A Copper And Diet Coke

    affect the varying size and shape of the copper pieces had on their density. These questions were explored in the experiment and some interesting conclusions were made at the end. In the first half of the experiment, the density of copper is calculated using two different methods of measurement. The objective of the experiment was to compare the two techniques and decide which one was more accurate. The density of copper is 8.96 g/mL (Copper 1). The average density calculated…

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  • Fedex Business Analysis

    FedEx has experienced steady growth in holiday volumes since 2007. They forecasted another record holiday in 2015. FedEx expected they would move more than 290 million packages during Black Friday and Christmas Eve, which resulted in a 9 percent increase in overall year-over-year seasonal volume. FedEx also forecasted the busiest day in company history was December 15, 2015 with a forecasted 22.6 million shipments moving around the world. Their peak projections included FedEx earnings…

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  • The Relationship Between Mineral Type And Density

    density, the ratio of mass to volume, particularly, how density can be used to identify mineral type. In the lab, two samples of the mineral, feldspar, were measured for mass and volume in order to calculate their density. Many of the mineral tests yielded qualitative data, such as color, streak, luster, and crystal shape, which can be subjective. Other tests produced quantitative data, whose outcome of density is measured the same by anyone. Mineral density is determined by the specific…

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  • Volumetric Pipette Lab

    Aim The aim of this practical is to measure the effect of volume, density and temperature. It is also help to be familiar with variety of common laboratory technique. Materials Weighting scale Container with lids 20 and 10 ml Volumetric pipette Beaker Thermometer Test Tubes Volumetric flask Natural Rubber Pipette Filler Micropipette tips Tips boxes Method There are two pipette, choose one which you using in whole practical. Label and weight accurately, to 4 decimal places. Collect…

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  • Single Drop Of Water Essay

    shows that the data is not very accurate. However the data is precise as looking at graph 1, it can be easily seen that the mass goes up by 2 the majority of the time. The data itself shows it goes up by .2g and the percentage uncertainty shows that it only has 0.4% of not being percies. It is fair to say that there is most likely a systematic error as the data is not very accurate and there is a huge percent error. There is a very small chance of there being a random error with the random…

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  • The Importance Of Measurement

    One of the most important activities of science is measurement. Measurement is a means of quantifying properties for identification. For example, density is the relationship between the mass and volume of a pure substance. One could determine if a piece of yellow metal is gold by determining its density. Measurement allows scientists to make comparisons. Measurement also provides a means by which scientists can judge the reproducibility of an experimental procedure. However, measurement is not…

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