Harper's Bazaar Magazine Analysis

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The magazine industry is one of the most viable and adaptable markets that provides to consumers, businesses, and professionals. In today’s society they are a guide into the fashion world. Magazines aim to showcase fashion in variety of ways. These magazines target specific age groups, gender, and even social classes by specifically designing the content of the magazines. Especially in an era where printed magazines is declining due to technological advances in the way readers can view publications. This paper will compare and contrast the information and services of five of the top leading magazines ( Vogue, Haper Bazaar, Glamour, Vintage Life and i-D), their market presences, and production/cost overview. In addition, it will explain how …show more content…
When Harper’s Bazaar started their publications, it was formatted as a weekly newspaper, to attract women from middle to upper class. In 1901 Harper’s Bazaar transitioned into publishing monthly issues, which it continues to do until today (‘’Harper’s Bazaar’’, n.d.). Harper 's Bazaar’s framework brings together the creators of fashion and their muses who model their design, which is than captured by the eye of the photographer, resulting in the making of a sophisticated and creative brand. Harpers Bazaar’s website is one that is inspiring, analytical and entertaining, it has reports and seductive images that are taken in high quality and are presented in a sophisticated and intelligent manner. It is a site in which a women find everything they could dream: fashion, catwalks, beauty, culture, celebrities, and blogs. On their mobile application you can find more on Fashion, Arts, Culture, Beauty, People, Travel, and social life. In addition one can enjoy having easy access to the digital edition of the magazine, which has the same content as the print edition. It is an easy and simple way to have access to the latest and most exclusive content right on your

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