Personal Narrative: Changing To A Vocational School

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When I was in high school, during my junior year there was an opportunity to change to a vocational school. This opportunity to enhance your education and give you a bigger edge over your classmates who would stay back at their homeschool.
There was a big controversy about this place though back at the high schools, that this place was just where high schools send their terrible students and their low end students. That this was a last stop school for students, “if your there then you’re not going to get employed anywhere but McDonalds”. This although wasn’t completely true, it is true that high schools send their worst students there but that because the practically force them to go or screw them over in high school. My high school was one
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There was only a couple teachers each year that wouldn’t care about names. When it came to sports that’s where names really mattered, if you didn’t have the name and was on the team you were on the bench the whole game, didn’t matter about skill, the would send out players that were below average as a player the whole game because of their name. Well I decided to go the this vocational school because I wanted to get away from my home school and start over. I took Network Systems as my course of study there. As I said before my home school was one of the worst schools that sent students to the vocational school. My homeschool disowned the vocational students, we were never invited to any assemblies, sport games, or any other events. Every other school was bad in their own way about this but they still let their students come to school event. There were a couple days were ever other student would be gone because of homeschool events and only the students from my homeschool wasn’t invited so we had to stay back. What was great though about this division though was a …show more content…
This decision has given me a future I can see myself doing. It has given me a goal that fits with the other goal I had in life and has helped me figure out how to achieve goals I’ve wanted since I was

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