Personal Narrative: My Journey To The Valley School

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In 2006, I began my journey at The Valley School as a first grade student. Moving over from my previous school, which I had attended from the time I was three until I was six years old, was fairly smooth. I had friends who made the switch with me and, being the social butterfly I was, making new friends was a breeze.

In the first few years as a student, I saw Valley move into three buildings. We left the building that is now occupied by Powers Catholic and moved to the former Cody Elementary building on Fenton Road. After a year and a half, we migrated to the Unitarian Universalist Church before coming to the current home of Valley in Swartz Creek. Throughout the years I’ve spent at Valley, I have seen plenty of faces come and go. Whether
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The first place that I transferred to was an online program. It was quite fun for the first few months if I’m being completely honest, but then again what teenager doesn’t want to stay at home all day? After a year, I got fed up with the teaching style. It wasn’t keeping me into the course and classes became more like chores, so I made a switch to the high school program at Mott Community College in downtown Flint. For a person going into ninth grade, switching schools and knowing absolutely no one may be extremely terrifying. But, even though I wasn’t attending Valley, I still had all of my friends who I had left the year before. If I ever needed to talk, they were there. And you can’t say that that would have been the truth had I come from another school. In my sophomore year, which I am in now, I decided that coming back to Valley would be the best decision for my education and that I needed the help and support that my Valley Family could offer me. In my opinion, that was the best decision that I’ve made in my entire life. On the first day of school, all my old friends welcomed me back with open arms, and even the new kids, whom I had maybe seen once or twice when I stopped by to visit, were seemingly happy that I was

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