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  • Higher Power Is Unjust

    A higher power is not needed in order to achieve happiest because happiest can exist even without an all-powerful being to intervene or dictate how societies should live their lives. Religious texts can also be disregarded for human are intelligent enough to understand was is just and what is unjust simply by utilizing their common sense. To kill someone is wrong, therefore people should not commit this injustice. To lie signifies to be dishonest with yourself and others, so people should not lie. It is a ridiculously easy concept, but it comes back to the initial phrase “Treat everyone the way you want to be treated”. No one wants to be told lies. No one wants to be cheated on. Then why commit the injustice to another? The higher power could co-exist with this view in order to ensure that the view is not obstructed. For example, in the “Obsolete Man”, a Twilight Zone episode that aired on June 2nd, 1961. The episode focuses on one authoritative government and one man, by the name of Mr. Wordsworth, whom has been deemed as obsolete. The government controls all, and has protocols in order to remain in control. While there are a few outliners within the system—for there is nothing in this world without some faults—the government’s policy works. They [the government] destroyed any opposing views in order to guarantee its longevity. A higher power’s sole purpose would be to remind individuals their purpose in their…

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  • Al-Anon Family Group Case Study

    situations. Members of Al-Anon learn that they are not alone and that they have choices which can lead to peace in their lives whether the alcoholic continues to drink or not. I attended a meeting held at the University Presbyterian Church in El Paso, Texas. I immediately felt at home as the women who were sitting around the table greeted me and welcomed me in. I was approached by one of the ladies which appeared to be the person in charge of the meeting. She handed me some reading…

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  • Analysis Of The Poem 'Design' By Robert Frost

    What “Design” by Robert Frost Depicts About the World Morgan Campbell Catherine Cross ENGL 1000.06 X/Y March 10th 2015 “Design” is a poem that can support the belief of a higher power controlling what is happening, and can also create an argument to believe things are just a coincidence Paraphrase The speaker, who is talking to his audience, and speaking in third person, finds a plump white spider on a flower ready to eat a white moth. The moth is like a rigid satin…

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  • Persuasive Speech Outline On Alcohol Abuse

    Its philosophy relies on a higher power to maintain sobriety; however, members can define God as they understand him. This option is beneficial for many different cultures and faiths because it does not require members to have an exclusive definition of a deity. That is, someone’s higher power may be completely different from another person’s, but they are both able to participate in the Twelve Step program. A.A. views alcoholism as a physical, mental and spiritual disease: therefore, it is…

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  • My Experience: My Personal Experience At The Christian Experience

    Alcoholics Anonymous meeting as I have attended several of these meetings and know the basic flow of things. Not only does this go against the requirements of this paper but I feel that it would do me a disservice. I ultimately decided to attend a “Restore” meeting at my church. It is similar to A.A. but it addresses an array of addictions anywhere from porn, shopping, narcotics etc. I felt that attending this meeting would be a great opportunity to learn about other addictions and real life…

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  • John Donne Death Be Not Proud Essay

    John is of the 1600 's and Emily is of 1800 's. Their poem correlates with personification and imagery of death. In constrast their tone is unlike, however they describe the personality of death in a very unique way. Giving the reader a chance to see the different ways athe poets see deaths approach. " Death Be not Proud", By John Donne who takes a stand against death and confronts death lack of power. The first Stanza of the poem john addresses death character, as if death is human, but…

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  • Alcoholics Anonymous Experience

    Alcoholics Anonymous is a controlled, welcoming and non-judgmental environment for people who are battling an addiction to alcohol. There are meetings spread throughout the country to assist those fighting. I attended a meeting on September 24, at Saint John’s Baptist Church, from 7:30 to 8:30. There were many members that came and told their stories. The majority of the participants were males above 40 years old. There were also about three females, one as young as early 30’s. There were only…

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  • Higher Power In 1984 By George Orwell's 1984

    There are always eyes watching and the voice makes one feel as in they are suffocating. Whether asleep or awake, indoors or outdoors, in the bath or bed, there is no escape. Nothing was ones’ own except a few centimeters of their mind. 1984 by George Orwell, which was written in 1949, is an exciting story set in the future where everything and everyone is controlled by a higher power. The higher power goes by the name of Big Brother, and, no matter where people go, they are always being…

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  • Analysis: A Lesson Before Dying

    In A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines, the idea that guidance is needed to help people who have falling in despair and they need to regain their sense of purpose. Chipping away at ignorance is needed so that the true potential of the individual is revealed. This ignorance is caused by the submission of the portion of society to a higher power who abuses said power. Grant Wiggins in the book A Lesson Before Dying, has started to lose his purpose of staying in his little town and teaching…

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  • Difference Between Hegel And Sartre

    man only does things for man alone. There is no other “higher power” or reason to do things man fancy other than to please himself, or to please others who are important to him. Sartre believes that man is capable of making his own destiny. He believes that man does not need things such as religion and that people should rid of silly cliché’s like not resisting authority. He believes that everything that happens is just human nature. As have been said, both arguments are compelling. Out of the…

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