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  • Persuasive Essay On Legalizing Marijuana

    out legalizing marijuana, but is that the right choice? I think legalizing marijuana is a great idea. We have seen politicians fighting with the issue for months now. So far Colorado has shown us that legalizing marijuana is a very beneficial thing, I believe all the states can benefit from this. In January of 2014 Colorado…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Ticket Out

    place you have lived your whole life? If so, that is not what I want out of life. Why can’t doing what I want with my life be achievable and real? Regardless of what others say, I am making it a reality. This August, I toured colleges in Arizona and Colorado with my mom. The day finally came where…

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  • Marijuana Pros And Cons

    Imagine living in Colorado and walking outside to the fresh smell of … Marijuana? Yes, marijuana. Colorado voters made history in November 2012, when they approved Amendment 64 by 55% of the vote. Amendment 64 meant that adults twenty-one or older would be allowed to privately use, home grow, and have a limited possession of marijuana. Amendment 64 also established regulations for tax distribution from the sales of marijuana; similar to the alcohol regulations that started in October 2013. There…

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  • State Court Survey Case Study

    considers appeals from lower Colorado courts. The Colorado Supreme court only has 7 justices, with one being the chief justice. Just as with Alabama, if there is a vacancy, the governor will appoint a justice after receiving recommendations from a nominating commission. The initial term is 2 years, after that the justices are up for election to serve 10 year terms. This court is not required to hear all cases, having discretionary jurisdiction as well. All justices in Colorado have to have been…

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  • Welfare Programs: What Is Welfare In The United States

    What is Welfare? In the United States, many Americans are unable to find work, or they have a hard time paying for even the necessities with a job. Due to this the government made the welfare assistance program. The welfare assistance program combines Food Stamps, Medicaid, HUD homes programs and Supplemental Security Income or SSI. The welfare program also includes the use of the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, or TANF (US Welfare System (n.d). This part of the program is normally…

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  • Masterpiece Cake Shop Case Summary

    A Case about Freedom -- Masterpiece Cake Shop vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commissions Our world is entering a new phrase, when the society welcomes and embraces all kinds of identities. In this great era, people can bravely express their personal opinions, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation without the fear of being punished or discriminated. In every sense, we are living in a more unprejudiced world. However, with the increasing diversity of the society, problems and conflicts ensue.…

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  • Target Population Assessment

    community relates to the reason the community exists or to the criteria for membership (Maurer & Smith, 2013; pp. 401-402). The purpose of this paper is to provide an assessment and analysis of the Deerfield Hills Community, as well as the City of Colorado Springs. People and Places The Deerfield Hills Community is an older community which is nestled in the southern…

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  • Ludlow Massacre Case Study

    THESIS Before the Ludlow Massacre on April 20, 1914, miners in Colorado were experiencing working in harsh conditions and low pay. The conflict between the Colorado miners and the Colorado National Guard and Colorado Fuel and Iron Corporation was an ongoing dispute about the miners wanting higher pay and better living and working conditions. A non-compromise was reached when the miners stopped striking and the militiamen got what they wanted. As a result of the Ludlow Massacre, the miners…

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  • Hydrologic Cycle Essay

    well as over our heads.” (Thoreau, n.d.). To one that takes the time see what majestic features the earth has and creates in a one’s life time is breath taking. The hydrologic cycle is one interesting aspect that will be discussed and the state of Colorado will be used as an example. Another such wonder is the glacial landscape. How a glacial landscape is formed and some of its features will be discussed as well. Hydrologic Cycle The hydrologic cycle is a delicately balanced system dealing…

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  • Essay On Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Marijuana

    beneficial. Jobs would be created, people would be spending their money, money would be invested into stocks, the government would collect taxes from marijuana sales and the list goes on. This can be proven when looking at facts and statistics from Colorado, who was the first state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in November 2012. There are several myths that come with the idea of legalizing marijuana. One of the biggest myths is that if the drug was legalized, more people will…

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