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  • The Colorado River And Its Canyons Analysis

    The ideology of Manifest Destiny, of America’s God-given right to stretch from sea to shining sea, played (and still does play, in a way) a huge role in American introspection and movement toward the west. It pushed an extreme mentality and idea that reflected the country’s want and need to grow and expand beyond current territories, as well as shaped the American mindset of what constituted as “American.” All of the uncharted, undocumented land that existed within the nation’s borders acted as…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Wolf Reintroduction In Colorado

    Wolf Reintroduction in Colorado The reintroduction of the wolf in the early nineties was a highly debated enterprise. Many felt it was only right to return the wolf to it former hunting grounds, especially since mankind was directly responsible for them being eliminated in the first place. There were many though, primarily the cattle ranchers and sheepherders of Wyoming, that feared the return of the wolf and its potential impact on their livelihoods. Yellowstone National Park seemed like…

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  • I Want To Be A Music Educator Essay

    Ever since I could remember, my father would always play our Steinway piano in our living room. The sound would always flow through the walls. My father would let me sit on the bench with him and I would press the keys down. The excitement that rushed through me was uncontrollable. When I was seven I had the privilege to take piano lessons. I was not enthusiastic about practicing, but I stuck with it for nine years. After my lessons stopped I continued to pursue piano as a serious hobby. I have…

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  • Manifest Destiny: The Colorado Gold Rush

    population boom, new technologies stimulated improved communications and transportation that brought several more inhabitants to the new lands in order for them to work and get a better living. Manifest Destiny was especially seen to several as the 1859 Colorado Gold Rush brought instant fortunes for many and caused an elevation in the economic stature. Although moving…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To Colorado

    family on my mom's side had lived there my grandma, aunts, uncles, and lots of cousins. The sad thing though is that I had to move out of California and go to Colorado. My birthday was even the day that my family and I were moving so I had a sixth birthday party before we left all of my family was there. The next morning my uncle from Colorado came to California to help us move it was a sad day that day. When I got in the car I was crying my eyes out, I stopped until my aunt came into the car to…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Vacation At Vail, Colorado

    Vail, Colorado, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Also, one of my favorite places to travel. I always get so excited to go to there with my dad’s side of my family. My dad is one out of seven children of Grandma and Grandpa Clawson and they have over 40 grand children. With this big of family, we obviously have such a fun time together no matter what type of vacation it is. Almost everything about Vail is amazing. I love waking up to the smell of camp fire or just beautiful mountain…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Colorado Adventure

    Clomp! Clomp! Clomp! Our boots pound the rocky Colorado trail in the middle of a cold, starry night above the massive tree line with a spectacular view of the lights of Leadville, as we hiked our first 14,000 foot mountain of the summer. Clomp! Clomp! Clomp! We have only just begun. Upward we trudge for several more hours. Following a long, boring drive with my parents, we were able to find Gold Hut East without any problem. I have to say when I got there it was really quiet,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Colorado

    In January of last year I went on a trip to Colorado on a "college visit" with a friend and my father to University of Colorado Boulder. We left Wednesday night, skipping school both Thursday and Friday. We did go to the college and took a tour of the campus on Thursday which I greatly enjoyed, it is beautiful out there and at elevation there is very little humidity. The true intention of the trip, as important as the college visit was, was to go to Breckenridge Resort and spend the weekend…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Moving To Colorado

    I will never forget the day that my parents told me we were moving to Colorado. I had a wide range of emotions towards this, I was both nervous and excited. I can explain it best as the moment before the fall on a roller coaster, the butterflies building up in your stomach as the bottom of the hill is not insight but the ride down is sure to be amazing. Much like roller coasters new experiences have no true end in sight but the journey along the way with all the twists and turns are sure to…

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  • Hug Machine Essay

    worldwide influence on the designs of livestock handling facilities and Autistic children and people. She gives many lectures a year, discussing her findings on Autism and also her research of animal behavior and facility design. She has worked at Colorado State University for over 20 years, teaching animal sciences and classes on the engineering of livestock handling facilities. Her “hug machine” has been manufactured and sold to autistic families and treatment centers, which has been proven to…

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