Picture Of The Scorpion Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Purpose: to get people interested in the desert, to inform readers about the dangers of the desert –educational appeal, to make people laugh. You should come and visit the desert but take care of it. Invites you as a recruit to come and protect what’s left of American wilderness. Pg. 17 “Nevertheless all is not lost; much remains, and I welcome the prospect of an army of lug-soled hiker’s boots on the desert trails.”

Intended Audience: People new to the desert – first-timers or those who love the desert. Mentions Vietnam and satori – who might the actual audience be?

Context: Published in an anthology of essays on environmental literature. When was it published? 1968 – Rise of environmental movement /rings of Jack Kerouac’s Dharma Bums
Picture of the scorpion


The desert is brimming with life and endless places of interest. Undeveloped space should be coveted, protected, and loved. People should become acquainted with its mysteries and splendors and above all respect and protect it.
Why visit the desert? Because there’s nothing there, nothing but the silent world.” Undeveloped spaces should be valued? Why? To protect all the things he
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-dehydration, kidney stones
-lists various regions of the great American desert
-then gives us his favorite

Ethos – How is it undermined?

shares his own experience in the desert. Pg. 16 2nd para. And on.
-forest ranger and fire look-out
-Undermined by using old whores and sullen and hostile Indians on welfare p. 20
-Acts like he owns the place – where did he get the authority?
-We get a sense that author and his friend are crazy
-Trying to scare people
-Desert Etiquette
-Environmental sabotage
-Makes it seem like he is being interviewed, as if he has expertise

-ironic and sarcastic
Uses Irony
-Draws you in and makes you feel a part of the conversation
-pg. 17 – Im glad you asked
-Half-ripped, half-baked, half-cocked half-ripped pg. 18 - ethos
Langauge – uses long lists, swears “god-damn camel”


Pathos – we begin to feel his love for the desert.
-Talks about strip mines and power plants
-Uses we
-Describes his friends – characters pg. 18
-Tries to scare us again on page

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