Honey Bee Health And Colony Collapse Disorder?

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Honey bees produce honey that is favored and enjoyed by many, and they pollinate a large portion of the world’s crops. While their efforts are largely appreciated, their recent troubles have not been given very much attention. Before assessing and understanding their afflictions, one must first have some basic knowledge about the structure/organization of a typical honey bee colony. They are social insects, with each individual bee living to benefit the hive. The survival of the hive depends on the entire colony’s efforts, and its efficiency increases with the population. This is why honey bees can be vulnerable when part of their colony dies or has defects. They lose efficiency, balance, and due to their social behavior, pathogens spread …show more content…
Some of the most common causes of Colony Collapse Disorder are mentioned in the article “Honey Bee Health and Colony Collapse Disorder” by the USDA:
Since the 1980s, honey bees and beekeepers have had to deal with a host of new pathogens from deformed wing virus to nosema fungi, new parasites such as Varroa mites, pests like small hive beetles, nutrition problems from lack of diversity or availability in pollen and nectar sources, and possible sublethal effects of pesticides. (1)
Therefore, Colony Collapse Disorder does not have a specific cause. Instead, a wide variety of problems appearing in different combinations contribute to it. Beekeepers often struggle to save their bees from one ailment without realizing that it is not the only one. A lack of knowledge about Colony Collapse Disorder, on the part of beekeepers and farmers, could potentially endanger many honey bee
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Continued usage of harmful neonicotinoids, the perseverance of the Varroa destructor, and the ignorance displayed by some farmers and beekeepers are all probably major reasons as to why honey bees are suffering. As honey bees continue to disappear, everyone will need to work together to save them. Otherwise, a large chunk of the nation’s food, agriculture, and environment could be lost. As social insects, honey bees work together to achieve a goal. Humanity will need to do the same to stop the strange disappearance of the bees and bring their continuous decline to a

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