Creative Writing: Shadow The Dog

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“GRRRRRR! For I am the amazing, all powerful Shadow the dog,” he said, as Shadow spotted a bird carcass lying in the street. He picked it up carefully, between the tips of his front teeth and flipped it into the air, growling as it sailed above him. When it plopped down, Shadow slowly poked the bird with his paw. Shadow growled again, and then laid the side of his head on the street, staring right into the bird’s face. “It might have been dead for a week, but who cared?” He would kill it again. That’s how powerful he was. Shadow jumped to his feet to attack, and spotted a mouse, scurrying across the street. “Alive! This was for real!” Shadow thought. The mouse had a head start, but Shadow would catch him. He bounded
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“It’s dead, D-E-A-D, Dead.” Shadow was startled, he had almost forgotten about Emmy calling him, but Emmy didn’t sound angry with him, so his ears perked up, thinking Emmy was going to help him catch that mouse. Instead, Emmy picked up a stick and poked at the mouse, sending it scampering away.
“What?” Shadow looked at Emmy sorrowfully, “Why had she made the mouse go away?” he thought. “Oh, stop it,” said Emmy, as she was scratching Shadow’s head. All thoughts of the mouse drained quickly from Shadow, purring as they headed towards the house. He flipped his tail back and forth as though to say, “Next time, mouse.” As Shadow and Emmy ran towards home, he didn’t even glance at the bird. “Who cared about a dead bird anyway?” Shadow had started life out tied up in a garbage bag, in a Dumpster close to Emmy’s house. Shadow was only a few days old when Emmy found him while she was throwing the trash away. He was so tiny; he fits the palm of her hand. Emmy knew if Shadow was going to live, she would have to bottle feed him. Harley, Emmy’s prissy, spoiled, silver long hair Silky, after sniffing and checking out the new intruder, climbed in the box where Emmy kept the kitten, decided, Shadow had to be her baby, and that’s how Shadow came to believe he was a

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