Shadow The Dogs Short Story

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“GRRRRRR! For I am the amazing, all powerful Shadow the dog,” he said, as Shadow spotted a bird carcass lying in the street. He picked it up carefully, between the tips of his front teeth and flipped it into the air, growling as it sailed above him. When it plopped down, Shadow slowly poked the bird with his paw. Shadow growled again, and then laid the side of his head on the street, staring right into the bird’s face. “It might have been dead for a week, but who cared?” He would kill it again. That’s how powerful he was. Shadow jumped to his feet to attack, and spotted a mouse, scurrying across the street. “Alive! This was for real!” Shadow thought. The mouse had a head start, but Shadow would catch him. He bounded
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Shadow was taking in the sights and sounds and the warmth of the sun’s rays, when the quick movements of the Hummingbirds caught his attention, Shadow barked! He thought to himself, “those were funny sounding birds, but I’m going to catch one.” Shadow lay there for hours, trying to catch a Hummingbird, until he saw movement in the grass below him. Curiosity got the best of him, he jumped down onto the grass and took off chasing what he thought was that barking mouse again. Shadow was in the grass for hours, running, crawling, sneaking and chasing that mouse. Shadow became frustrated, as that mouse would run into a hole and peek out at him. “I’m going to catch that mouse even if it takes me all day, THE MOUSE IS MINE!” Shadow barked. “There was that funny sound again,” Shadow thought,” how strange, everything I chase makes that barking sound.” Shadow looked around for Harley, but she wasn’t outside. So he lay real quiet in the grass next to the hole, waiting for that barking mouse to poke his head out again, it would be his, at

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