Animal Extinction

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Our planet is in the middle of the sixth mass extinction of mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and plants. We are currently experiencing the worst case of extinction than the dinosaurs which was 65 million years ago. Extinction may be a natural event but there has been a recent increase of species extinction from 1000 to 10,000 per year. This means in the future we may lose species every day [1]. Before extinction was caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruption and climate change but this one is caused by humans in facts more than 85 percentage of the extinction is caused by us. These species were either driven away by human habitat destruction, killed or hunted for sport. Scientist believes that where ever early humans migrated the creatures …show more content…
They began killing the vast diversity of species located on earth. Studies say that hunting of animals has been around for millions of years. It began at the time of the ice age when the Mammoth and the Saber Tooth
Tiger were hunted by early humans mainly for their fur and meat. It is theorized that it was mostly when the humans felt threatened but it has been considered false as the mammoth was a passive herbivore [5]. Now days hunting has changed into a unfair sport for the animals as the rich buy rare species of elk, lion, boar, buffalo and ram and keep them trapped in small areas where there are shot from a distance. Hunters sometimes shoot animals which were raised in pens and together they are released in an unknown environment were the ones that survive die of hunger [6]. The problem is that today the wildlife managements encourage hunting of animals like California Department of Fish and Wildlife were paid $45,000 for the auction of a California Desert Bighorn Sheep [7]. Many hunters never get quick kills they only shoot the animal and chase after it giving it more pain, a survey was made which told that 11 percent of deer died after being shot two or three times by the hunters
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If the balance is disrupted it may lead to severe consciences as major as wiping out entire colonies of animals. Humans cause great impacts on these different environments. The increase in the population can lead to further cutting of trees killing many species in the process this is called destruction. When humans fill up the wet lands which contain the highest verity of species for building they never make another wet land killing the animals instantly this is called instant habitat destruction [14]. When a habitat is not completely destroyed when parts of it still remain this is called fragment destruction which can cause problems such as food shortage because of a road in the middle or lack of mates [15]. A major example of extinction by habitat lose is the Tasmanian Tiger which lived across the Australian continent but due to deforestation it was last seen on the island of Tasmania

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