Three Causes Of Endangerment

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1. Identify and discuss three reasons that endangerment occurss. One of the reasons that endangerment occur is habitat destruction. Habitat destruction has gone over to the top because mostly all the wild animals has really what to call a home. Man kind has wiped out their homes for our house,food markets and many more things that can provide us but not them. A second one would be illegal hunting. Illegal hunting had made many animals died because of this type of game. For putting them up as trophies. Many people have not obeyed the limit of hunting. Which this causes animals to go somewhere where they can hide from us. Natural causes is another one. Natural causes lead animals to existing as well because of competition, sudden and climate …show more content…
All of the now are not non game wildlife are now facing with extention becasue of people hunting them without permission are now there are a limit to them. South Carolina Department of Natural Resources are now saying people need to have permits in order to hunt some of the animals but they are going to be mopre strict now as far of regulations.
4. How do species impact the stability of an ecosystem? Explain your answer. 5. Different laws have been enacted to protect wildlife, research two different laws and explain the purpose, what led to its development and how they are enforced. 6. What are some ways that you can help restore habitats in your own backyard or
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How can conservation of resources help the environment and the species that live in the environment? By providing them with the needs in order to help them survive and by helping as well.
8. There are numerous organizations in existence that advocate to protect endangered species. Find out more about some of these organizations and choose one that interests you the most. Identify their mission, goals, conservation efforts and any other relevant information that you find.
The Nature Conservancy is a type of program that helps protect naure and for the people now and for other generations as well. They help with wild animals and help to make the earth a better placce as helping the the oil spills and getting envoled with nature.
9. List five plants and/or animals that have become extinct. Choose one to research further and discuss what factors have contributed to their

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