Human Cloning: The Ethics Of De-Extinction?

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Despite the fact that I am a biology major at LSU, my interests outside of academics are quite varied. I love the complexity and mystery that the scientific field possesses, but my passions tend to fall more along the lines of science fiction as opposed to fact. My brothers and I all have supernatural thrillers, scifi adventures, and comic books about aliens and mutants stacked up on the shelves of our bookcases. That’s why, when I was telling my family about how I needed a topic relating to my field of study for English class, my 15 year older brother gave me an idea. He brought up the concept of de-extinction, or bringing back animals from the dead, and human cloning. These ideologies, which used to be nothing more than the work of science fiction, are slowly becoming reality in the near future and it has been causing quite the controversy. By researching and writing about de-extinction(in conjunction with human cloning) this semester, I am able to combine all of my interests into one. The science-fiction-loving geek in me gets to take a topic that has been the basis of movies like …show more content…
"The Ethics Of De-Extinction." Nanoethics 8.2 (2014): 165-178. Academic Search Complete. Web. 16 Sept. 2015. Cohen, who works in the Department of Philosophy at Ben-Gurion University of the
Negev in Israel, touches on nearly every aspect of de-extinction in this article from two years ago. This source is one of the best ones I found, mainly because the author made a great effort to explain what could possibly an unfamiliar concept to the general public. It started off simply detailing the definition of de-extinction, but proceeded to essentially make a pros versus cons list on this form of research. His main points included the ecological effects, ethics, the scientific gain, and the notion of playing god.
Gewin, Virginia. "Ecologists Weigh In On "De-Extinction" Debate." Frontiers In Ecology & The Environment 11.4 (2013): 176. Environment Index. Web. 16 Sept.

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