Essay On Bisexuality In The Hours

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In addition to the women being impaired of contributing, on a greater scale, to their society, because of their gender, they are also not able to fully explore their sexuality during the first two time periods in which The Hours takes place—the early 20s and early 50s. A pivotal scene is when Laura kisses her neighbor and friend, Kitty: “Kitty’s face is against Laura’s breasts. She seems to relax into her. Laura lifts Kitty’s face, and puts her lips against hers. They both know what they are doing. They kiss, letting themselves go a moment. Then Kitty pulls away” (51). In this scene there is a revelation that Laura is more than just a cookie-cutter housewife. She is different; she is an intellectual; she is, possibly, lesbian, bisexual, it is never specified. Notwithstanding, there is are obvious LGBT issues and themes present in Hare’s screenplay …show more content…
After nearly two decades of Ennis and Jack seeing each other once or twice a year in Brokeback mountain, they are never able to accomplish Jack’s dream of moving together. At the age of 39, Jack dies: “Oh yeah, Jack was pumping up a flat on the truck out on a back road when the tire blew up. The rim of the tire slammed into his face and broke his nose and jaw, knocked him unconscious on his back. By the time somebody cam along, he had drowned in his own blood. Terrible thing. He was only thirty-nine years old,” said Lureen to Ennis (McMurtry and Ossana 87). The way the screenplay describes Ennis’s reaction after hanging up: “Ennis hangs up. Looks like death” (89). Ennis realizes that he has not had enough time to be with Jack; he has not had enough time to be happy, because Ennis’s true happiness was along Jack. Ennis was not able to appreciate Jack while he was alive. In the screenplay of Brokeback Mountain, not only the time period prevents Ennis and Jack from being together, but also the passing of time

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