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  • Laws Against Same Sex Adoption

    Imagine a family. Do you see the stereotypical family, with a mother and father and two perfect children? Or did you see a same-sex couple raising a child? Society and religion have put views on how a family is supposed to look, but should a family have to be the “perfect family” as society and religion wants? The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community tries to avoid adoption because there are many restrictions in some places, but years are going by and many adoption agencies…

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  • Milk Film Analysis

    Milk(2008) is a film that depicted a time where it was politically incorrect to be openly gay, and Harvey Milk challenged the norm and succeeded in being openly gay in politics. The memory we have of Harvey Milk in a social aspect and the cultural memory that was created was told in the recorded tape of his own personal memory. Through critical cultural studies and the public memory that has taught us about Milk, we are able to learn of his achievements and the change he created in politics and…

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  • Eroticism In The Talented Mr Ripley

    Patricia Highsmith’s novel The Talented Mr. Ripley and Anthony Minghella’s 1999 screen adaptation of the same name delve into the life of a man with a talent for impersonation, fraud and his desire to obtain a lush lifestyle beyond his means. Sexuality and eroticism play a key role in the film adaptation. The precursor novel does not portray Tom Ripley as an overt homosexual, it displays the character as a sexually ambiguous individual. However, in the film it is evident that Ripley would rather…

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  • Dunkin Donuts: A Case Study Essay

    Homosexuality in Lebanon Homosexuals are treated differently from one country to another. While some are praised, others are suppressed. In Lebanon, homosexuals are exposed to homophobic incidents in some particular places; one of them is Dunkin’ Donuts. Some young males were approached by the management and were asked to leave due to their “conspicuous behavior”; they meant the young males’ “overtly feminine” actions. The management removed customers according to their gendered behavior.…

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  • Pay Discrimination

    Your sexual orientation can decide it as well. Studies From has shown that lesbian workers earn less that heterosexual and gay men do. “Transgender women experience a significant drop in earnings after a gender transition.” Women are not the only one experiencing pay gaps, according to the same source “gay and bisexual men earned between 11 percent and 27 percent less than their heterosexual counterparts.” Also research shows that “gay men earned 14 to 16 percent less than…

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  • Glee Language Analysis

    Endah Siti Nurohmah Investigation of gay language This section contains quantitative analysis of language features of homosexual characters in Glee season 3. This analysis is based on Fiscus’s method, which is to count some features of language that stereotypically belongs to women language and men language. The features include hedges, intensifiers, oh my god/like, taboo words, gonna, and guys/man. Lexical hedges and intensifiers are suggested by Lakoff as women linguistic features (Holmes,…

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  • Homosexuality In The Picture Of Dorian Gray

    Following a young man’s journey through seduction, moral corruption, and eventual demise, Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray is considered to be one of the best known homoerotic novels ever written. Although the novel does not contain any explicit homosexuality, leaving the novel to be a suggestive work of such a theme, Wilde, being queer-coded himself, is able to use his work as an outlet to validate the identity of homosexual individuals. By including homosexual subtext, Wilde promotes…

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  • Summary Of Mad For Foucault

    In the book “Mad for Foucault: Rethinking the Foundations of Queer Theory”, Lynne Huffer teases out exciting new aspects of Foucault thoughts. She then rethinks and rewrites the theorists ethical work after these discoveries. In this book Huffer writes that Foucault recasts the Western rationalism as a project that both produces and represses sexual deviant, calling out the complicity of modern science and the exclusionary nature of family morality (Huffer, 2009). Sampling from unpublished…

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  • People Are Born Gay Essay

    People Are Born Gay Introduction Over the last decade views on homosexuality have changed dramatically. Ten years ago, the majority of people believed that homosexuality was a choice. While studies were conducted, there was no concrete evidence to argue otherwise. Recently, due to scientific evidence and more people willing to stand up for themselves, the acceptance of the fact that homosexuality is not a choice emerged. There are numerous articles and essays written that provide scientific…

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  • Sexuality In Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Named Desire

    To communicate the truths of history is an act of hope for the future-Daisaku Ikeda. The influence of history greatly affect literature and how we view it compared to other times. By using the historical/topical theory we bring to light how the major issues, circumstances that produced it, and main aspect of the book were influenced by the time period it was wrote in. The major issue in “a streetcar named desire” is the idea of sexuality. Sexuality is defined as being a person’s sexual…

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