Persuasive Essay On Gay Rights

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First off same-sex marriage doesn 't mean equal rights. In lots of areas LGBT (lesbian gay bisexual transgender) members in several states deny housing based on orientation and some basic medical services are denied to transgendered people. On top of this, these religious freedom laws in several states threaten what little progress right movement groups made. Gay , lesbian and bisexual women and men are also more likely to be discriminated against and become the victims of hate crime , even in the workforce where federal law has made it illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation studies and surveys have shown that eighteen percent of employers would fire someone who was not heterosexual and an additional thirty percent would refuse …show more content…
Any self-respecting LGBT person would counter with the simple no one would choose that who would purposefully choose to be victim to that amount of judgment and mistreatment. Eighty-five percent of gay teens would not choose to be forced out of school from harassment twenty percent of LGBT teens wouldn 't choose to be kicked out of their homes for "coming out of the closet" in fact almost half of all homeless teens are homosexual or bisexual. The second most common debate is that gay marriage harms the sanctity of traditional marriage because allowing same-sex marriage will reduce the worth of "typical marriages" ,you 're ability to disagree with same-sex marriage will be revoked , same-sex marriage makes the concept of husband and wife irrelevant, gay marriage affects your status as a father or mother and, if gay marriage is okay what is to stop the legalization of all non-traditional marriages. By nontraditional, they refer to men, and men, women, and women ,multiple wives or husbands, humans and animals , minors and adults etc. So in order from bottom to top one might counter with the question traditional under which

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