Argumentative Essay On Same Sex Adoption

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Destiny Quinonez
English 102
October 28, 2016
Essay #4

There are millions of kids all over the world waiting to become part of a family and thousands of couples or families looking to adopt each year. The lack of acceptable straight couples, gay adoption can provide numerous kids with the loving home they need. Same sex couples or straight couples are a better alternative than the foster care system. So why not decrease the number of kids waiting to be apart of a family by allowing them to be raised by people who are making a big decision to cherish and love them through years that lie ahead of them? Adoption is the process of providing families with a child that can no longer be raised by their biological parents. A legal process when
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They could argue that a child shouldn 't be denied a father or mother role in their life but they are being oblivious to the fact that the parent of the child also has a family that may consist of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles that have kids themselves. Basically meaning that this child would indeed have two moms or two dads that raise them but would have many other family members that could play a big role in their life as well to fill in the spots that their parents couldn’t. Will children being raised by homosexual couples question their own sexuality? Most homosexual couples grew up or came from straight parents. “Gays and Lesbians adopt at a slightly higher rate than married heterosexual couples.”. Having a strong relationship with you 're parent/parents is so important because that is who you look up to and who you are influenced by you aren 't influenced by rather than their sexual preference. Fine parenting is motivated by providing a loving, safe home for their child. Our society isn 't very accepting of same sex relationships, I would even say they are frowned upon and or talked very poorly about. In my opinion this is shown by very closed minded people who are judgmental. Often those type of people raise kids who are also closed minded when it comes to certain lifestyles and cause them to believe all the stereotypes put into their head. Such as the stereotype of a perfect family including a mother and a father. This is what makes our society the way it is, there should be more open minded people who are accepting of all races, genders, and sexual preferences. Most importantly people who believe in equality for all. They also have created a stereotype that homosexuals can’t be fit parents when theres no reliable evidence that proves that. Just like theres no evidence that proves children raised by same sex parents are any less

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