Case Analysis: Fired For Being Transgender

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Let 's say you work at a real estate office and have to sell a house. There are two couples. One is hetrosexual while the other couple is homosexual. The homnosexual couple offers to pay more for the house and has better credit. The other couple offers less and doesn’t have good credit. Who would you give the house to? Would you hesitate? There have been many cases where homosexuals have been discriminated against. No one is born homophobic. If you are on the and you see a heterosexual couple you wouldn’t make a bad remark because it is natural. What if you saw a homosexual couple doing the same thing, would you make a bad remark? Most people end up saying a threatening remark. Ever since we were kids all we ever see on television is hetrosexual couples. We never see a homosexual couple. John Lewis said “We cannot keep turning our backs on gay and lesbian Americans. …show more content…
Transgender people usually have a harder time finding a job and have higher rates of unemployment. Nearly ninety percent of the transgender population face discrimination or experience harassment at work. In the article “Fired for being Transgender” it talks about how she was affected by everyone around her. Patricia talked about how she faced discrimination from different from her family, friends, and coworkers. When she changed her name from Steve to Patricia her family disowned her and her neighbor housed her with a chemical poison. Her boss did not let her come in wearing blouses and makeup. When she did he fired her because he thought it was distracting. Her coworker tried to sabotage her work which almost costed someone 's life.While reading this I thought about difficult it might have been for Patricia to find her family behaving like that towards her. It 's sad how society reacts when they find out someone is homosexual or transgender.Ever since we were kids we were taught to have freely express ourselves but once some does we point

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