Masterpiece Cake Shop Vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission Case Study

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A Case about Freedom -- Masterpiece Cake Shop vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commissions

Our world is entering a new phrase, when the society welcomes and embraces all kinds of identities. In this great era, people can bravely express their personal opinions, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation without the fear of being punished or discriminated. In every sense, we are living in a more unprejudiced world. However, with the increasing diversity of the society, problems and conflicts ensue. Complications between races, cultures and religions seem to exacerbate. Moreover, followed by the legalization of the same sex marriage in the U.S, the relationships between the LGBT and religious groups become even thornier. The upcoming Supreme Court
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As Mill states in the On Liberty, “ Protection, therefore, against the tyranny of the magistrate is not enough; there needs protection also against the tyranny of the prevailing opinion and feelings; against the tendency of society to impose by other means than civil penalties” (4). With the legalization of the same sex marriage, on one hand, people are celebrating this social progress. However, on the other hand, the liberal groups seem to have a higher expectation towards the public. They expect all people to accept and, if possible, to give well wishes to the same sex couple. This public expectation is really obvious in regions like New York, California, Massachusetts, Colorado and other “democratic” states. People in these regions seem to be especially sensitive towards opinions like “it’s not okay to be a gay”, and there seems to a tendency of correcting this so called “discriminative” views and re-educating those unsatisfying people, who is holding this …show more content…
By suppressing the so-called “illiberal” idea, people are gradually eliminating the diversity of the society. However, it is this diversity that makes America different. Freedom of speech is not only a tool to protect liberty. It is also a cultural symbol. “As a cultural symbol, free speech has done more than promote tolerance: the first amendment has enlivened, encouraged, and sponsored the rebellious instincts within us all”(Shiffrin, The First Amendment and Dissent.). The freedom of speech is more than just a legal bond. It also helps shape Americans culture: it is a culture, where people can express their dissent and rebellion. Therefore, in this case, although people should agree with the fact that discrimination against sexual orientation is wrong, people cannot compel those who hold this view to change their

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