Gay Marriage: A Constitutional Amendment: The Equal Rights Amendment

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The Equal Rights Amendment
The Equal Rights Amendment or the ERA, is a Constitutional Amendment written by Alice Paul stating, “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.” The amendment was introduced to congress in 1923 however the first interest in the idea of equality started in 1848 at the first Women’s Rights convention in Seneca Falls, NY. I support the Equal Rights Amendment. Although numerous women did not support the ERA they believed that if congress were to pass this amendment they would people would expect too much of them and include other individuals also. There were, however a majority of women who did support the ERA states that it would aid solve
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Gay marriage has always been difficult for people to understand primarily being it goes against who we are as human beings; they fail to recognize what could be possible if people were to treat one another equally, instead all they take notice is people that will never be equal solely for the reason that they refuse to accept advancement. People oppose the Equal Rights Amendment since they fear what everyman secretly fears, adversity. Adversity is what keeps us as human beings in sync with each other without we cannot function. Transition is scary, however it is a necessity that society needs to survive. The ERA can avail the world evolve into the world we were suppose to …show more content…
I advocate the Equal Rights Amendment. Women should not be restrained or held back just for being a woman, a woman is a strong individual who has every right to support herself or be who she is if she so favors to and the ERA can further execute

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