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  • Bully Bust

    The school could help her with her problem if she went to the school counsellor because they are the one who responsible for if the child is having an hard time in school. She can talk to the school counsellor that the kids are mocking her for having two mothers and they can help her by making her feel comfortable. When the time pass by she will go through a lot of hard time but when she leaves the school she will forgot all of her school life and she will enjoy her grown up life. Teenager 's…

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  • Coming Out Of The Closet Essay

    the audience that are kids is as big as their adult one. So when the show ended with Korra holding hands with her revealed girlfriend, Asami, and both walking off together into a pretty spirit portal, many people were surprised since the topic of bisexuality is not yet considered kid friendly. The creators of the show had discussed the idea with Nickelodeon and explain why things weren 't more overt; with the co-creator of the show, Bryan Konietzko, writing, “While they were supportive there was…

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  • Analysis Of Fun Home By Alison Brchdel

    In today’s society people often judge other people by their appearance. Such as how they act, the way they talk and how they dress. But sometimes the appearance can be fake and blinds our eyes and also misleading us from the reality. The book Fun Home by Alison Brchdel which is a memoir and the article call “Never judge a book by its cover?’: students’ understandings of lesbian, gay and bisexual appearance” by Nikki Hayfield can prove that appearance cannot represent all. Fun Home by Alison…

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  • Symbols Against Gay Marriage

    Gay marriage is not something that I necessarily support but I am not totally against it. I don’t care if you want to marry someone of the same sex, but do not kiss or do other things in front of me. There are people who are against it and there are people who are totally for it. Everyone has their opinions about things and I do not judge anyone for their opinions. Many people may not agree with what others have to say, but you have to realize that everyone has their own opinion. On June 26,…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Same Sex Adoption

    “..What makes you a man is not the ability to make a child, it is the courage to raise one”(Obama). Gay adoption is the adoption of children by lesbian or gay adults. Same-sex couples around the world have hopes to raise a family of their own; unfortunately, for homosexual couples, starting a family does not come as easy as it does for straight couples. Few men choose to use surrogate mothers; some lesbians have their own children through fertility clinics and sperm banks; and some couples…

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  • An Analysis Of A Streetcar Named Desire And A Taste Of Honey

    Both A Streetcar Named Desire and A Taste of Honey include characters who are victims of their sexuality. These two texts were written in 1947 and 1958 respectively, and this period of time showed a specific attitude towards homosexuality: Homosexuals were treated with constant disrespect and homosexuality was also classed as a mental disorder. These views were also evident towards women who engaged in sexual relations outside of marriage. The negative attitudes towards characters such as…

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  • The Importance Of Fusion In The Steven Universe

    Steven Universe is a television show on Cartoon Network about a boy cared for by three alien women called Gems. These Gems have gemstones attached to their bodies that give them magical powers to fight monsters and save the Earth, as well as Beach City, the small city where they reside. Young Steven is only a half-Gem, half-human, and has the gemstone that his mother Rose Quartz passed on to him when she gave up her physical form to give him life. The three women/Gems who take care of him,…

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  • Gender Stereotypes: Gay Man And Homosexual Characters

    If someone were to give you the task to pick out a homosexual character in a television series or a movie, most of us would be able to pick off who that character would be almost right away, but why is that? How is it that we’re able to determine the sexuality of a person just by looking at their appearance, listening to them talk or even just by looking at who they associated themselves with. Ever since the first appearance of a same sex couple on the big screen in 1895’s “The gay brothers”…

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  • Why Did Harvey Milk Promote Gay Rights?

    In the 1970s, if you were someone who was interested in the same sex as yourself, you could understand the day by day difficulties of being accepted by society because this was not considered proper. The general views of Americans were very different from the views of Harvey Milk at this time. The actions that Harvey Milk took towards gay rights stood out. In the Mid-1970s, Harvey Milk worked to promote gay rights and for everyone to be equal. Milk was successful in making a change by being the…

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  • I Now Pronounce First Film Analysis

    According to Benshoff and Griffin (2009), sexuality is used to describe one’s sexual orientation. Generally, the level of sexuality in Hollywood films has remained consistent. However, when they present characters that have a different sexual orientation, rather than what society views as the “normal”, boy-and-girl, husband-and-wife-relationship, these characters are seemingly, made into a mockery (The Celluloid Closet, 1995). With the influence of media, it is acceptable to say that society…

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