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  • Rip Van Winkle: A Literary Analysis

    considered as the anti-feminist writer. With the percentage, various between 50-54 among female and male words usage, Irving’s tales are neither “Oedipal” nor “Electra”. And by using Freud’s term, Irving’s gender score represent either “predevelopment bisexuality”. Besides Freud, because of Irving’s word choice, he is ambivalent in his language. And Hugh J. Dawson presents the idea of ambivalence in his essay as…

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  • Common Sense Book Of Baby And Child Care Analysis

    Q1) To June Jordan, what was the significance of Dr. Benjamin Spock’s Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care? How do her views on Dr. Spock change and why? [see page 1886-1887] To June Jordan, Dr. Benjamin Spock was a God. She treated his book, Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care like the bible. Jordan said, “I was ignorant but striving to be good: a good Mother. And so it was there, in that best-seller pocketbook of do’s and don’t’s (1886). Jordan’s views changed when she came upon this…

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  • Diversity, Oppression, By Alondra Cervantes

    different on sexual orientation because people within the author’s family are homosexual. The book Diversity, Oppression, and Changes says “Nonetheless, there are signs of growing acceptance and increased understanding of same sex attraction and bisexuality in many societies, including the United States” (Kulis, Marsiglia p. 225). This quote is important to recognize because even though our beliefs may be different society has started to look a different way other then the bible which is what…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Feelings Of Middle School

    and unshed tears settled in the corners of my eyes. Deep down, I knew that it wasn’t really my fault. Her parents have always been a little unpleasant about this sort of stuff. They’re not homophobic per say, but they’re not very accepting of her bisexuality. Yet, that moment pushed me a little bit deeper into the black hole. For the most part however, I’ve been extremely lucky. I went to see a therapist that specialized in this area, and my parents were really calm and collected even when I…

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  • When I Heard The Learn D Astronomer Poem Analysis

    “ When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer” is a poem in which Walt Whitman, the author, talks about an astronomer’s lecture and how the narrator had gotten lost in the said astronomer’s lecture. The narrator explains things that he/she envisioned during the lecture and how he/she reacted mentally to the things said by the astronomer in his lecture. Like a lot of his other writings, Whitman wrote this poem in free verse. This poem consists of one stanza with eight lines. The first four lines of this…

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  • Gay Rights In Russia

    stating that they still believe homosexuality is a mental illness. There have also been many hate crimes against homosexuals, with known homophobic activist groups coupled with many national and regional laws banning the promotion of homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism, and employment discrimination if it is found out that an individual is homosexual (termination). The Russian government has been heavily focused on limiting gay rights in their country. There have been countless battles…

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  • Queer Women In Pop Culture Essay

    I’m incredibly tired of seeing myself bastardized and killed on TV. As an avid connoisseur of pop culture and popular television, the practice queerbaiting the audience and/or killing minority characters is a distressing trend that contributes to the continuing prejudice against LGBTQ people across the United States and around the world. Pop culture influences the citizens (and leaders) of our nation, who then vote and promote policy, which shapes the future citizenry, who then vote...and the…

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  • Important Social Changes

    perspectives of the social norm. Conversely, gender is often expressed differently within these groups, as women for example, put emphasis on emancipated sexuality. “Goth women engage in strategies of active sexuality, such as proactive sexuality, bisexuality” (Wilkins, 2004, p.329) in order to create gender egalitarianism within their community. Issues with gender can also be identified within the goth community. Due to hyper-feminisation and alternative masculinities in this society,…

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  • Twelfth Night Identity Analysis

    Viola hints at her true identity in the first scene of act three in Twelfth Night saying to Olivia: “I am not what I am” (Shakespeare 211). However, it is not just the fictional Viola who masquerades as something she is not. Women were not allowed on stage in Elizabethan England, thus requiring prepubescent boys to act as females (Charles 123). These boys acted as women on stage, and a confusion of character development and intent of these actors stems from cross-dressing. Boys were acting as…

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  • Mean Girls Reaction Paper

    them. Women are always given male fantasy roles such as cheerleaders, flight attendants, hotel maid in short skirts, librarians, school teachers, sorority girls partying, police women with whips, school girls in uniforms, etc. Directors also use bisexuality as a fantasy to capture males’ attention. They show sexualized women being gazed at by men desiring them. A common shot of…

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