Sexual Identity As A Minority Essay

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Sexual Identity as a Minority
In our society, sexuality is a sensitive topic discussed. There are different opinions on how a person should define themselves as heterosexual or homosexual. Many people will use the term of “born this way” in order to validate who they are, especially in circumstances including being lesbian or gay. In pop culture, there are television shows and music videos which would express the term, “born this way”. Not only in shows and music but also in the LGBTQ community, use the term to establish their identity and equality within society. It’s not just in pop culture that this term has been established, but as well in religion. In the Christian bible, fornicating with the same sex is forbidden. There is a strict indication,
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Especially, those who are in the Middle East. In certain regions, there are some acceptance of sexual orientation. In the academic journal, Sexual and Bodily Rights as Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa, Liz Ercevik Amado analyzes on the topics of sexual and bodily rights in the Middle East and North Africa. In the ideologies of sexuality and gender identity, sexual health, and comparative penal law it reveals how the topic in the Middle East are taboo. Amado explains, “The right to sexual orientation and strategies for achieving the implementation of rights regarding sexual orientation.” The right of sexual orientation has contributed in Lebanon, Turkey, and Tunisia toward gay men. The rights of lesbians are not equivalent to gay men. It makes sense because women in the Middle East doesn’t have a say on anything due to politics and religion. The men are known to be superior. In the concept of lesbianism, in the Middle Eastern region, it is considered to be blasphemy. Correspondingly, in sexual identity, women don’t have an identity at all. Not only in the Middle East but as well as in the regions of South Asia and Latin America. For the subject to be forbidden to talk about, is not realistic. In Lebanon, there are prides subdue to the Helem organization to go against homophobic individuals. Causes the rift upon the ideology of identity. That is the reason why the concept of sexuality identity is not explained further. Saying so, it causes certain parts of the topic were not explained because it is not touched upon further. Hence, the subject of women sexual

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