Analysis Of Michael Levin's 'Why Homosexuality Abnormal'

Homosexuality is a constant topic in the media and is always being shunned with religious motives in both past and present. In recent news, politicians in some states are aiming for the criminalization of homosexuality while others are passing legislation for the recognition of same-sex marriages. Michael Levin presents a purely scientific and secular argument against homosexuality and homosexual marriages in his work “Why Homosexuality is Abnormal.” Michael Levin addresses the debate question: “Is homosexuality abnormal?” His position on the debate is affirmative. Levin begins his paper by detailing what his paper will address. He states that the paper will defend the view that homosexuality is abnormal and undesirable because of a purely mechanical reason (Levin 159). Unlike other commentators that argue that homosexuality is immoral from a religious standpoint, Levin argues purely on the basis of natural selection and how the misuse of body parts can lead to unhappiness. Levin argues that body parts should be used for their intended function and homosexual intercourse does not …show more content…
He states that “homosexuality is intrinsically bad only in a prudential sense. It makes for unhappiness (Levin 174).” He also says that approving pro-homosexual legislation might increase the incidence of homosexuality, and this creates a problem for society due to the fact that the protection of children is a fundamental obligation of society and legislation. Levin continues explaining that “legalizing homosexuality” will signal that society has been wrong throughout history, and that it will be signaling that homosexuality is all right. He also addresses the objection regarding minority marriage and same-sex marriage by saying they can always stay in the closet. Levin closes his argument with this: “If society reverses itself, it will, in effect, be deciding that homosexuality is not as bad as once thought (Levin

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