Character Analysis: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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Bisexuality is an identity and orientation that is often overlooked and completely dismissed by not only society, but the entertainment industry as well. But, through quirky songs and constant plot lines, the CW’s original show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is fighting both bi-erasure and the stereotyping of both gay men and bisexual men while also creating an atmosphere where they aren’t the butt of the shows jokes. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend features a same-sex relationship with Josh Wilson, or commonly referred to as ‘White Josh’ who identifies as gay and Darryl Whitefeather who has newly discovered his bisexuality. The relationship displayed on the show not only is fighting bi-erasure with each episode that Darryl’s love life is featured on, but also combating the stereotypes that are often attached to both bi and gay men through these characters very existence. Although it is not a plot line that is immediately introduced, Darryl’s sexuality or the questioning of it at least, comes into play halfway through the shows first season. Before their relationship and the sexualities are even mentioned, White Josh and Darryl are introduced in the eighth episode …show more content…
It’s representation goes against all stereotypes that have been built up around the bisexual identity, and allows it to be seen from an authentic and realistic point of view. Sexuality is not a given and it is not black and white, there are different areas and shades that are often ignored or unknown, as seen with Darryl before he officially knew his true identity. Bisexuality is often invalidated, but with shows like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend shedding light on bi relationships without them being the butt of the joke or used a token aspect to the episode to show diversity, it has begun to be completely valid in the eyes of the

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