My Passion For Art Essay

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It was a hot sweaty day in Golden Gate Park. I walked on the edge of a pond while my twin ran after a flock of pigeons my father in hot pursuit. Alone I became entranced with the way the water and the light played off each other. I kneeled down to look more closely at my reflection. I was five and already fascinated by light. As I got closer to my reflection, I fell. As I sank, I remembered the serenity of watching the light interact with the water. I was calm. Then a figure entered the water my dad jumped in. I went back to the pond six months later. My dad had left the country so I was there with a babysitter now. Some one had been murdered and their body left in the pond, so it was drained. Despite the morbid alterations to the pond, …show more content…
Whether it is a piece of furniture I’m making from driftwood, a political poster or a website. Similarly to my attraction to the pond as a child, two idea’s that have interested me throughout my creative timeline are change and light. Like how life can change in six months and it’s beauty is ephemeral so is art. Capturing these moments of fleeting beauty is evident in the piece at it’s completion. That being said, the real beauty is in the creation process. Art to an artist is not about one piece of work or one way of doing something but the rhythm of growth in the name of discovery. I am a high octane transmedia creative but I want to hone my critical thinking more.

The Arts and Crafts movement was a solution born out of contempt for the Industrialist Era’s prioritizing of consumerist culture over craft. In a similar way this movement was born, I became dissatisfied with NYC’s gentrifying art scene. I engaged in it, I’ve showed my drawings at underground galleries in Brooklyn. Art felt like more of a product rather than an experiment or a way of life. I’m looking to experience what I am, what social engagement means and what art is, instead of being

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