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This concert took place at the University of Missouri St. Louis’s campus, in the Lee Theatre, on November 30th, 2016. This was a concert for students studying music at UMSL, in order to showcase their talents through performing chamber music. Majority of the audience appeared to be friends and family of the students performing, making the concert a bit more of a laid back feel. Each song was played by a different small group, sizes were anywhere from trios and quartets to all of the performers for the ending piece. The first piece was “Terzetto in C Major,” played by a trio of female musicians, two with violins and the other with a viola. The mood of the piece was very soothing and calm, with short moments of tension which then came right back to the calmness. It was clear to hear the form of ABA or ternary form in the piece. The first section was the peaceful section, which was pleasing to the ear. The next section, B, was more tense which became suddenly louder, but then returns to the sense of peace. The piece that I was most impressed with was “Spiral” for Three Cellos. Before they began, one girl gave some background about the piece that I found extremely interesting. She stated that the piece was originally written for one cello, while later it was …show more content…
I enjoyed watching people close to my own age show off all of their hard work. There was not one piece that sounded bad or off, so it was obvious that the hard work had paid off. Even though I enjoyed it, I do not believe I would return to the same concert again, because it seemed to be a more intimate performance for the musicians friends and family, making it feel like I was an outsider. I would go see another performance similar to it though. Orchestral music has never been my favorite music, but I have always had a sort of respect for it. Hearing the piece “Spiral” being played with three cellos, really made me appreciate it this genre of music

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