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“Functionalism – by all means is a strictly modern phenomenon but actually originates in classical antiquity” Giving the prodigious sense of a security but very different from that which is attained by the seeming immobility of the mass and weight of masonry. Concluded as one of the dominant successes of Woolworth, all will agree, it is an accomplishment of ‘scale’. Which assuming that the help of transformation the skyline of the city can be somehow added to the functions presumably from the psychological approach too, taking in turn its distraction of being the ‘tallest inhabited building in the world’. It can be argued that the competition is not only commercial, but in a measure very artistic. Building is eminently the success of an expensive treatment but the artistic quality of detail is at …show more content…
Melnikov’s attention of functionality, experimentation with form and the use of materials made his style difficult to categorize whereas the first building became the icon of an international style. “Architecture is governed by standards. Standards are a matter of logic, analysis and precise study. Standards are based on a problem which has been well stated. Architecture means plastic invention, intellectual speculation, higher mathematics. Architecture is a very noble art. Standardization is imposed by the law of selection and is an economic and social necessity. Harmony is a state of agreement with the norms of our universe. Beauty governs all; she is the overplus necessary only to men of the highest

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