Marketing Case Study: Dacia Renault

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5.6 Dacia Renault company strategy
The Renault Group is presenting in 118 countries and functioning in five major regions: Europe, Euromed, Russia, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The Renault Group now has more than 129,000 employees, who are working in 139 industrial sites. With regards to the environmental protection, all those industrial sites have ISO 14001 certification. Renault owns three brands: Renault, Samsung and Dacia, the Group design and produce personal vehicles and commercial vehicles. Renault created the Renault-Nissan Alliance in 1999, which is aplatform for technology development, product strategy and sales strategy as well. Renault signed Russian manufacturer Avtovaz a strategic partnership agreement in 2008, which acquired
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It is the pole of development of the Renault Group in CEE. Its mission is to produce modern, robust, economic designs and adapted for new markets and expectations, needs and resources of new customers.
Dacia fully benefits from its membership to the Renault Group, relying on the expertise and organization of the parent company at the industrial and commercial level.

SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis is a comman method to highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the company, the opportunities and threats could presented environment activities. The strengths and the weaknesses present the internal environment of organization, the opportunities and threats are from organization’s external factors. The opportunities stands for the company the challenge and benefits may obtain, the threats come from the external of the organization, it may cause the collapse of the company as well.

SWOT matrix can be indicated in two ways:
-The qualitative way, which could use in small companies; by using the SWOT, the company could establish the strategy.
-The quantitative model, which could carry and bring some scores and result in certain quadrant.The decision maker in the company could use this information to establish strategy partly depend on
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The SWOT model in the strategic management could analyze both the internal environment and the external, in order to be aware that if if the company still has competitive on the market. The company must develop systematic exploitation for external information, because it has short, medium or long term significant influence on its future. Company use all of these elements to establish the strategy and plan, in order to have a successful activities on the existing and also exploring potential markets. The company could be determined by SWOT analysis as introvert entity, or as extrovert entity. it has to adapt permanent feedbacks quickly through opening the global environment analysis. This analysis gives the company a status as economic actor. Dacia Renault Company is using SWOT Model in Establishing the Strategy. According to located four quadrants, the external and internal global power settled by the concrete strategies. which are a part of the generic strategies. These strategies start from the quadrant, and also provides the companies a position of market expansion, regards with quadrant IV, the companies which are on the unfavorable market positions, in order to apply SWOT analysis, the company must have a very clear, which means should be highly detailed, and very

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