Car Industry Swot Analysis

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The threat of substitutes exists, the buyers could use public transport if not able to buy a car or maintain one. Airplanes are also being used very often for long and short journeys.

Force4: Buyer power

Buyer power is one the horizontal forces that influence the appropriation of value created by the industry. The buyer has power as there is a competition in the market which offers same products. Low cost of switching between suppliers.

Force5: Supplier Power

The power of supplier it's not high as there is loads of supplier's word wide which gives the car industry power over suppliers. Many suppliers want to cooperate with firms that do business in the car industry.

3.3 SWOT

SWOT analysis is an enormously valuable tool for understanding and decision making for all sorts of situations in business and organisation.

I will conduct a SWOT analysis to understand the position of Firm B (Best Motor Works) in the market and also its
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One other threat is the environmental effects on car industry and it has to overcome this issue and overturn this threat as strength.

4.0 Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is organisations process of defining its strategy or direction and making decisions on allocating its recourses to pursue its strategy. Basically this means that strategic planning determines where the organisation is going the next year or more and how it is going there.

There is a range of model and approaches used strategic planning. How this strategic plans are used it all depends on the organisation leadership, culture, complexity of organisation environment, size etc.

This tool is used for the purpose to help an organisation do a better job- to ensure that people in the organisation are working toward the same goal and most important in response to a changing environment.

This strategy process is about planning because it involves purposely setting goals and developing an approach to achieving these

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