Proctor And Gamble Swot Analysis

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1- The SWOT analysis is a business notion that examines the internal and external factors that affect an organization. “Proctor and Gamble” is a multinational company established through the integration of a candle making and soap organizations. This essay will discuss the SWOT analysis of “proctor and gamble” case study.

The internal factors of the SWOT analysis consist of the strengths and weaknesses of the company. The strengths are all the favorable points such as the reputation, knowledge and expertise of the organization. The strengths of P&G company are the growth of the company’s sales to 1million dollars, the creation of a market research department that study the consumer behavior and the reporting of 10billions dollars
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“Domino’s pizza” is an organization who has been suffering from losing money and therefore it used a turnaround strategy to overcome the crisis. This essay will discuss the causes that led domino’s to use a turnaround strategy, the steps taken and their efficiency.

“Domino’s”, a leading company in pizza making has been suffering from losing profits, so, it carry out a grand turnaround strategy (Lutz, 2015). The company could not compete with other significant competitors such as Pizza Hut. In such situation, the company could not survive in its competitive environment leading to shutting down the operations and closing the business.

According to all these harmful conditions, several actions needed to be taken to improve the situation and make the company a profit making one. First of all, the executives at “Domino’s” have made some important marketing campaigns as a first step to achieve the desired outcome. Secondly, the company has expanded its working area and opened new stores, around 1500, in ten new countries. After that, the company has changed its products and invented new ones with better recipes. This action has led the executives to change the menu and make a new and more improved one. Finally, the focus of “domino’s pizza” has been placed on the quality of the foods alongside with providing good money value for
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“Domino’s” has been obliged to take real actions to be able to make profits again. Moving to international markets made the company touch a development in countries such as India and Japan. Making new recipes and using new products was substantial for the company turnaround. This action has increased the sales at “Domino’s” and helped it to flourish and beat its competitors. Facing a decline in sales, “Russell Weiner”, a formal marketing manager at” Pepsi”, entered the company to implement new ideas. The better marketing campaigns attracted new customers, increased the sales and led to more profit making.

In conclusion, turnaround strategies are used when a company is facing a major crisis leading to profit losing. Therefore, the company must employ a turnaround strategy to flourish and be able to make profits. “Domino’s pizza”, a company that has been confronting problems, used a new strategy and it has been successful. So now, the company is well balanced and way

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