Airline Berhad ': SWOT Analysis: Malaysia Airlines'

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DEF: During process a significant business decision, it is necessary for a corporation produce a SWOT analysis which detailed its internal strengths along with the weaknesses and external opportunities and threats face by the company. Therefore, through analysed the company situation, managers can have better understanding the internal and external factors that influence the chances of success or failure.

DEF: Capital, knowledge, skill, or other edge which an organisation has compare to its competitors in satisfying the need of consumers.
1 Broad flight route network in worldwide

i. International routes Map (Easyfly Club, 2016)
Malaysia Airline Berhad has developed a broad network of destinations in worldwide.
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MAS is Malaysian hospitality.’(Toby Hill, 2015). Every year, the Skytrax World Airline Awards which is a consultancy from UK will collect passenger’s feedback on airline travel from worldwide. As one of the best cabin crew, Malaysia Airline won a lot of award especially for the Sktrax’s ‘World Best Cabin Crew’, they won eight times since 2001 that the award was introduced. In recently, they situated for the 16th World's Best Cabin Staff 2017 among many competitors. Not only this, their ground staff, pilots, engineering and other departments also work hard to provide high work quality. Therefore, this help the company generated more brand recognition, for instance ‘Cargo Airline of the Year’ in 2013 for the sixth consecutive year, and ‘Procurement Team Award for World Procurement Awards’ in 2016 and 2017 (Malaysia Airline, …show more content…
As we know, Malaysia Airlines hit the headlines in 2014, as both of the disasters killed 537 lives in Flight 370 and Flight 17 damage the brand image of the company and losing passenger’s confidence (Cyrus Engineer, 2015). MH 370 which is a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared in 8 of March in 2014. After the few months, during the MH 370 crisis still haven’t solve Malaysia Airline met a second bomb of MH 17 crashed. During the year of 2014, Malaysia Airline continuing trouble in the passengers’ cancellations or withdrawn reservations at least 20%. As many passengers switched to another airline company during the crisis. For example, to attend the World Cup held in France in July, the Samoan women’s rugby group changed their plan from taking flight of Malaysia Airline to Thai

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