Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital SWOT Analysis

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Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital strives to improve their services every year, some years have been lean, such as 2007 and 2008. The health system has been steadily making strides since this time period, to implement the needs we may have had to put off for a while. When we look at the strengths of Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, it is clear that the employees who work there are a great asset to the company. The employees are very dedicated, caring, dependable, and must be accurate in the services they give to the patient. The employees are the backbone of the company, and serve the hospital and the residents of the area, with a sense of pride. A SWOT analysis for your company will identify the strengths and weakness, which …show more content…
Staffing in other departments can turnover quickly, so proper planning is essential. The company should focus on retaining employees, and keeping the lines of communication open, this will ultimately save the company money (Feddersen, 2015).”
What are the opportunities in our environment? What new needs of customers could you meet? What are the technological breakthroughs? ”Opportunities are abundant in relation to the research done by Henry Ford Health System, this opens the way for more efficient, health care and attracts the best employees in the research field, and physicians. The customers’ needs will be met by providing new technology and treatment for our patients, we have seen progress in cardiology and oncology, along with the implementation of electronic health records, which allows us to streamline information that relates to the patient’s condition (Feddersen, 2015).”
What are the negative economic trends? What are the negative political and social trends? Where is the system
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Henry Ford Health System had attempted to merge with Beaumont Hospital a few years ago, which would have put them in a better financial position, the merger was canceled because the company’s decided “the culture of the two health care systems would not line up, and many of the physicians came out to protest the merger (Bouffard, 2015).” With the implementation of the ACA, Henry Ford Health Systems have seen more patients come in with health care, only they are still using the emergency room, because they have enrolled, but either not been able to get to a primary care physician, or have not had the opportunity to see one, because of long waiting periods, to get an appointment. The ACA has taken some of the financial stress off the hospital system, yet Moody 's Investors Service downgraded some Henry Ford bonds in June 2014 and gave a negative outlook, citing a need for the Detroit system to "improve fundamental operating and balance sheet weaknesses, including growth in operating cash flow and liquidity, given the highly competitive market and sluggish economy (Bouffard, 2015).” This financial area proves to be one of the main weaknesses that Henry Ford Hospital will need to improve upon and work through, by means of lean administration, programs to educate people on healthcare opportunities, and managing the billing in order to bring in the finances that are needed to

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