Etihad Airways Case Study

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Etihad airway is one of the most successful airlines as it has already been recognized as the World’s leading airline three times consecutively. The success of Etihad airways just established within just ten years as is recognized as one of the fast growing airlines in the history of commercial aviation. The airline was founded in July 2003 by the Royal (Amiri) decree and started its operations on November 2003. They are known to be the national airlines of United Arab Emirates with their head offices being located in Abu Dhabi which is the capital of United Arab Emirates. The term Etihad refers to ‘union’ in Arabic making it very meaningful to unite passengers from all over the country. The main business of Etihad airways is the air transportation of passengers while it also operates businesses in Etihad cargo, Etihad holidays GCC (global contact centre) that is included in its commercial group.
The airlines company is governed by a Board of Directors under the chairmanship of HH Sheikh Hamed bin Zayen Al Nahyan. Etihad airways are led by James Hogan, the Chief Executive Officer. (Corporate Profile)


Etihad being the national airlines, they tend to provide the best reflection of their Arabian hospitality in terms of tradition and culture. The airlines company seek to enhance the capital
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For Etihad, selling e-tickets online have been very much successful when compared their competitors because of the user-friendly, quick time booking and 24 hours customer service platform that Etihad’s IT department have set up. Ticket, service and product advertises are up with the famous company, clubs and entertainment firms that they sponsor which allows to display the promotion of their tickets

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