Southwest Airlines Business Analysis

Every day, more than 700 Southwest Airline Boeing 737s fly 4,000 flights across a network of 98 destinations in the United States and seven additional countries. Southwest Airlines Customer Representatives book, on average, 54,557 reservations daily. The weekly reservations add up to be over 382,948 and 1. 7 million reservations are made monthly. This makes Southwest Airlines one of the most popular choices in flights, especially since Southwest is the only major U.S. airline to offer Bags Fly Free to everyone. In addition to flights, customers are able to make car, hotel, and complete vacation package reservations. Inside Southwest airlines will describe the history, the culture, there corporate social responsibility and interesting facts. …show more content…
Southwest Employees volunteered more than 130,000 hours to national and local nonprofit organizations. For families facing serious illness, Southwest hopes to ease the worries and transportation needs of families by donating travel. Southwest offers a “Medical Transportation Grant Program provides complimentary, round-trip tickets to nonprofit hospitals and medical transportation organizations.” (Southwest Airlines, n.d.) Furthermore, giving more than $19.6 million in free transportation has been distributed in 26 states since the program’s inception in 2007.
In 2014, Southwest Airlines signed an agreement with Red Rock Biofuels to purchase three million gallons of low carbon renewable jet fuel per year. This renewable fuel will be refined in Oregon from forest residues, helping to reduce the risk of destructive forest fires. Along with modernizing their fleet, Southwest Airlines has invested more than $550 million over the past decade in fuel saving projects. Southwest’s fuel-saving procedure saved more than 940,000 gallons of fuel in 2014 and 2015
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Another new program which was started the Phoenix Ground Support Equipment shop is Electrification Program. Which plans to take on the efforts to eliminate waste, reduce costs, save on emissions, and reduce their impact to the local community. In 2015, Southwest diverted more than 4,100 tons of material from landfills as a direct result of recycling. Their recycling programs have streamlined the process for employees, and allowing them to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum. Environmental issues are led by the Green Team, which is comprised of employee volunteers across the company who offer recommendations to increase environmentally responsible business practices in each Southwest Airlines city to answer environmental questions and consider suggestions for improvement. Southwest also promotes biodiversity and supports organizations like the Student Conservation Association, which helps sustain the diversity of species in ecosystems around the

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