Indiago Airlines Case Study

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Challenges of INDIGO airlines
➢ Issue:
The growth and expansion strategy of INDIGO airlines, the rapid growth of INDIGO airlines led to the scorching report to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) .In 2012, INDIGO airlines have made a large order of airbus in commercial aviation history.
➢ Solution:
India is one of the fastest growing countries in aviation industry. The INDIGO airlines is the most successful airlines due to its operational efficiency, it took a different approach to expand its growth by systematic way and made solid profits. The expansion strategy of INDIGO airlines it bought hundred of A320-2 for high fuel efficiency factor in India; this can reduce their operational cost to low. The INDIGO airline can leverage
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INDIGO being domestic airlines entered into the international market by measuring the core competitiveness, it firmed 16% of its fleet size to the international routes. The INDIGO airlines were able to manipulate good revenues in international routes. The pricing issue of INDIGO airline has been faced a problems, after being a best performer in stage INDIGO have changed their positioning into low cost carrier into hybrid player. At presently the INDIGO has the fleet size of 98 increased and dedicated 30% for the international routes. They have to focus on implementing full service plane providing basic luxury class for international routes to stay on track for their competiveness in international market by comparing other competitor’s performance …show more content…
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