Sustainable Development In Dubai

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Sustainable Development Many people wonder why oil is so important to us. Oil is a viscous liquid derived from petroleum, especially for use of fuel or lubricant. The amount of uses for oil are endless. Oil is used for clothing, fuel for transportation, cosmetics, plastic, paint, etc. This gives a great importance to the substance called oil. Most of what we use or see on a day to day basis maybe slightly contain oil or be mostly comprised of it. In addition, petroleum that is used to make oil is mined daily from the earth slowly will not be available to us in the near future. We as in the entire world extracts about ninety million barrels daily compared to the one trillion amount of barrels left in our world hypothesized by scientists. If …show more content…
The ongoing projects that are undergoing in the country as we speak will continue to insure its development. Areas that are in redevelopment are Port Rashid which is a manmade commercial port for its cruise ship. Another area of redevelopment in Dubai is its World Trade Centre as most business related affairs take place. Some completed projects that are notably recognized are Burj Khalifa which is a supertall skyscraper in the Downtown Dubai area. This skyscraper is used to hold thirty thousand homes and is a combination of nine different hotels standing at eight hundred thirty meters height. Another completed project from Dubai is the Mall of the Emirates. This shopping mall is two million four hundred thousand square feet of shops compared to its six million five hundred square feet in total. This mall has many attractions to offer. The Ski Dubai is a popular attraction that is an indoor ski facility offering snowboard lessons, ski lessons, children’s play area and café, etc. This mall also has the Vox Cinemas which is a fourteen inch screen with many other cinemas connected like the children movie section and IMAX section, etc. The magic planet is an entertainment zone with family friendly material. There is a bowling alley, pool tables, carousel, go kart, etc. The amount of dining restaurants that are included in the mall list over one hundred. Dubai continues to grow as its oil reliance slowly …show more content…
Using a GPS, they could exact the position of where to place the sand.Palm Jumeriah representing a palm like shape with a ring covering the island. The island is built entirely of rock and sand. There was no concrete or steel involved in the process. This island is five hundred kilometers with many hotels and resorts that add to the amazement of an artificial island. The project was started in June 2001, and with its many delays due to various reasons such as increasing the number of residential areas, miscalculation of space on the island, etc. The project finished about a decade later in November 2014. Environmental concerns about the islands is its change of wildlife, costal erosion, etc. This project overlooked the negatives to produce a sustainable way for their city to like off itself and decrease the load oil exportation has on the

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