Air Asia Case Study

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Air Asia is the biggest airline company in Malaysia which have fleet size and destination. According to the history of Air Asia in Jump Start Malaysia: The Air Asia Definitive Guide to Malaysia, Truly Asia, the company established in year 1993 and begins to operate since 1996 to present. It was founded by government owned conglomerate; DRB Hicom. Unfortunately, in 2001, the company was heavily in debt. It was then bought by the former Time Warner executive; Tony Fernandes who owned the Tune Air Sdn Bhd at that particular moment. Tony Fernandes turn the Air Asia into a profitable business. There will always be a change that profit the company until today. A year after the takeover of the company, Air Asia is capable to produce profit and starts …show more content…
Bureaucratic approach emphasis on the organizational structure, dividing organizations into hierarchies with clear lines of authority and control. Meaning that, managers have authority based on their position in the organizational structure to enforce rules and policy. Air Asia is a big airlines company that need to be catered with a super quality manager to handle the business services. The manager need to carefully plan and the workload have to be divided equally among workers and according to the expertise of workers. The hierarchy system in the bureaucratic approach make sure that the information runs through the right channel and flow from the upper level to the lower level. It is an organized system. For example, one of the Air Asia’s visions is to be established as the leading low-cost carrier in the Asian region. The vision need to be vigilantly planned. It starts with the upper level of the company. The upper level functions to convey the aim, or what the company want to achieve either in the short or long run. Everyone in the company needs to acknowledge the aim to make sure that they know what they are working on or what they are striving for. Next, the task needs to be divided and the manager need to monitor the progress of the work done by the workers. It is to make sure that the work done is in line with the aim that the company set at the beginning. Air Asia may not disclose all the company information due to private and confidential. Overall, the management theory used by Air Asia suit the business of the company and it is the best management theory for the company. They manage to make a lot of victory and stay in the business to

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