Organizational Vision

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There are always different methods when it comes to advancing an organizations vision and mission through leadership and critical evaluations and decision-making. It is important to understand the vision of what the company wants and what they are looking for in the future. A vision can be represented in multiple ways. It can be a mental image or picture, orientation or goals that the company has (Vision, Leadership and Change). The vision is not only what the company is looking for or where they are going in the future, but also the guidance that the organization wants (Vision, Leadership and Change). Understanding and developing the vision is important to have a effective advancement throughout the business. Knowing the organization and becoming …show more content…
Cultural competency sets a standard of behaviors, attitudes and polices that come together as a whole from side to side of a company on a professional level (Cultural Respect). On a global scale it is great and important to have such a wide diversity in the workplace. Businesses are able to receive more acknowledgements when they demonstrate their guarantee to diversity with their recruitment style. Having a company that has a better accepting of ethics, fair employment and other diverse talent are able to attract a wider range of applicants and qualifications. Global diversity and cross-culture in the workplace is important when it comes to foreign countries. Promotions within the company and employee development help the markets on a global scale. It opens more opportunities for diverse languages, multicultural relationships and the ability to learn from new and challenging …show more content…
Understanding before you accept a position, what your benefits are, compensation and raises will be after a certain amount of time, and how the company will be retaining those of top talent. The company should start their employees at a reasonable base pay since that is how they will be living their lives. The pay represents how and where they would be living, how they represent themselves internally and externally from the workplace and how their lifestyles will be affected. The company will base there pay on the level of knowledge and skills an individual has, are they going to profit the organization in the long run or short term, and how well the employee is performing after a certain amount of time. If employees are excelling with the change and there natural work for day to day, then the business should retain and keep the talent by offering some kind of total reward. Another important part of total rewards is the incentives for the employees to retain the talent. Having well paid employees through performance evaluations will encourage those to act and perform better for stronger incentives. Another total reward is to give benefits to the employees. Having all plans form medical, dental, to paid time off or disabilities will attract more employees then other business will that do not have benefit programs for there

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