Persuasive Essay On Electric Cars

The electric vehicle is no longer something exotic and futuristic to become a present need. The massive purchase of cars in emerging economies imposes a solution to avoid the irreversible deterioration of atmosphere , and the rising oil price, dwindling We Aboca an economy totally unsustainable. It is time to change the supplier by the plug.
The figures are staggering. Today there are nearly one million cars circulating in the world, and in less than 40 years, the fleet will have doubled . Exponential growth is a fact in economies where, for the first time, gaining strength a middle class that considers that the time has come to have their own vehicle, a privilege already enjoyed by developed countries since the last century.
Countries like
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The markings begin to deploy technologies that had saved years in the chamber to deal with a situation certainly predictable. The current situation makes it clear that the power from traction batteries has imposed on other solutions such as gas, panels solar or biomass fuels. The reason? This is probably the least solution will change the concept car as we understand it today. "With the speed at which technology advances on batteries, the autonomy and performance of a car in a few years Electric deemed equivalent to a gasoline "says Communications Director Renault in Spain, Jesus Presa. We have a very close precedent: "Less than a decade mobile phones had enormous batteries that lasted much less than now, they are also much smaller," adds Dam. "With the car is exactly the same, although the evolution is somewhat slower due to high production costs ' .No more than take a look to the past to see the progress of electric mobility. " In the 60s, Mercedes van manufactured electric traction, but virtually all truck batteries were not fit a pin , "said Vicente Cano, motor journalist magazine Autobild, specializing in electric cars. "Now the batteries take up much less space, pay a lot more and have no memory effect before, decreasing its duration with each recharge." The heavy lead batteries unstable gave way to nickel-cadmium, and have finally won the battle of Li-ion, small, light and stable in almost any condition and temperature. As mobile. Deconstructing topics Until recently, the electric car was seen as anecdotal and some serious contender against the powerful gasoline. The reasons must be sought in the skepticism of a poorly informed citizenry . "Not long ago we had in the magazine a separate cars combustion to discuss electric models section, the reader seen as a rarity," recalls Cano, "today we no longer distinguish our

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