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  • The Story Of Utnapishtim And The Great Flood

    I feel that this reason for destroying mankind fits in more with the story of Noah than with the story of Utnapishtim. Unlike the story of Noah though, the gods in the story of Deucalion resemble the gods in the story of Utnapishtim. They also seem to possess human-like traits—arguing amongst one another, deceiving each other, etc. Unlike Noah and Utnapishtim, Deucalion and Pyrrha are not warned about the flood and survived due to their boat landing on top of a mountain. Deucalion and his wife were not chosen; they were saved by chance, and they just so happened to be “good”. Jupiter saw that the two survivors were good and the floods were diminished (Ovid 1.15). The two survivors asked the gods for help and were able to repopulate the earth. However, their repopulation of the earth is much different than the ways told in the first two stories: They were told to cover their heads, loosen their clothes, and throw stones behind them—which turned into humans (Ovid 1.17). In this story, no animals were saved; the earth spontaneously created animal life forms, and eventually…

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  • The Flood Myths Deucalion, Genesis, And Gilgamesh

    Paige Abern CLCV 3800 12/08/2014 The Deluge Myths: Deucalion, Genesis, and Gilgamesh A common folk motif found in many ancient religions is that of deluge, or flood, myths. These myths often depict a great flood sent by a deity(ies) to wipe out a civilization, usually as a form of divine retribution. There are many flood myths from all areas of the world, however this paper will focus on three relatively well known myths: The Greek Deucalion myth, The Abrahamic religion myth in Genesis of…

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  • Deucalion And Pyrrha And Noah's Ark: A Comparative Analysis

    The Greek story “Deucalion and Pyrrha" and the Bible story, Noah’s Ark are both stories that revolve around a flood. Both stories include many similarities and a few differences. Some comparisons include the following, The biblical and Greek stories have many similarities such as with the war breaking out, both of the main characters were faithful to the Gods, and a difference is where and how many characters there are in each of the stories and the setting. The main point to each of the…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Epic Of Gilgamesh And The Great Flood

    the same as the one in Genesis: Zeus, the creator and head honcho, gets annoyed with mankind for their selfish and vain nature and ways. The solution is to wipe them out with a flood. In this myth, the author writes of how Deucalion and his wife were the only survivors when he says, “when Deucalion took advice from his father, Prometheus, and constructed an ark. He and his wife used the ark to escape the flood sent by Zeus.” (Black). This is very similar to the flood story in The Epic of…

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  • Creation In Hesiod's Story Of Creation Myth

    Hesiod's story of creation, which concentrates on the gods is different than Ovid's story of creation because in Hesiod story of creation, the areas of Earth seem to have happened by chance with no guidance, the Gods mated by chance, and have created things with no set purpose. Mankind is just there. According to Ovid in the beginning there appears to be guidance with not as much chaos. Things seem to be in somewhat order and he assumes that we should know how the Gods came to be. In…

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  • Role Of Mothers In Greek Mythology

    Lattimore, 2013). Killing one’s children in order to hurt their spouse is not unique to mythological women. There are many stories of women in modern times who have killed their children in order to escape motherhood or hurt their spouse. This past June, in Texas, a mother killed her two daughters in front of her husband (NBC News, 2016). While mortal babies in modern times are born only of their mother, Ovid returns to the first mother to repopulate the earth, after Zeus causes a great…

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  • Compare And Contrast Greek And Roman Creation Myth

    For the Roman creation story there is a lot of importance of this great flood that kills everyone except for Deucalion and Pyrrha. Also in the Roman myth men and woman were created at the same time, unlike in the Greek myth when Pandora was created as a punishment for mankind. For the Greek myth it focused more on great battle between Zeus vs. Cronos and Zeus vs. the Titans. This could show the difference in the ideals of each society that one focus around a great natural disaster and the other…

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  • Ovid, S Metamorphoses And Hesiod's Theogony

    demigods. Conversely, Ovid represents the ages as a subsequent growth in human nature and skills the mortals gather to be self-sufficient, making them the center of the Ages. Theogony and Metamorphoses also differed in their interpretations on the creation of man and womankind. In Hesiod’s version, Zeus created Pandora as a punishment to man and illustrated her as an evil, deceitful and supposed curse on humankind, “Evil conspirators. And he added another evil to offset the good...she was a…

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  • Hesiod And Roman Mythology

    to gods. Theogony and Metamorphoses also differed in their interpretations of how man and women were created. In Hesiod’s version, Zeus created Pandora as a punishment to man and as the sole holder of everything evil in the world. Hesiod portrays Zeus as a wise ruler that would remind an immortal or mortal their place, if they forget it. He also portrays women to be born out of deceit and a supposed curse on mankind, “Evil conspirators. And he added another evil to offset the good.” (Hesiod,…

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  • Norse Mythology Vs Greek Mythology

    The end of the world in Greek mythology had already happened several times and their is still an earth now. One way the world ended was with Zeus. He was very angry with all the corruption and craziness with humans. He had asked his brother Poseidon, to unleash a storm that made hurricanes big enough to wipe out the world. When the humans were all dead, Zeus was relieved, he thought he would never see humans again. Zeus looked down on the mountain of Olympus and he saw a couple, Deucalion, king…

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