Desmond T. Doss: What Does It Means To Be A Hero

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A hero is an ordinary individual who self-sacrifices themselves to do courageous things. Heroes should be treated with honor and respect. Desmond T. Doss was a hero because of his choices and actions. He was an ordinary person when he was sent to war. He told them that he would go to war without a weapon. During the war, he saved many people’s lives without anything to protect himself. A hero should follow the sequence of a hero to be a hero. A hero should have lived an ordinary life. They should take risks facing their challenges. After that, they must overcome their fears and challenges. Batman overcame his fear of bats. He also took the risk to change his life by joining the evil martial artist. Nelson Mandela is an example of a hero. He was a prisoner, when he was set free from prison, and became the first black president of South Africa. He achieved human rights for the people in South Africa. He made the blacks and white make peace with each other. He died of respiratory tract infection. Spiderman is another example of a hero. Peter Parker (Spiderman) was a bullied student. When suddenly he went to a museum and got bitten by a spider. The spider made him have the power to run and shoot webs. His uncle died from getting shot from a criminal. Peter captured …show more content…
He also did not change his actions. Some people may see him as a hero, but he is not actually a hero. If Hitler was saving people’s lives, he would have been a real hero. Spock is also not a hero. Even he saved the Captain’s life, he is still not a hero. He didn’t have any challenge. If he had a challenge, he would have been another hero in the movie. If someone wants to become a hero, they must follow all the steps of definition of a hero. There two different types of heroes, an ordinary hero, and extraordinary. There is not much of a difference because they are still heroes. Heroes can die, fade, or change. But they are still

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