The Game Of Proball Essay

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The game of baseball, at any level, can be a very competitive sport. Whether it is tee ball or the pro level, everyone has something to offer to that competitiveness. Each level of baseball teaches the player the fundamentals they will need to be successful at the next level in their career. Baseball also teaches players to be more social and to make new friends they would other wise never know. It is also an amazing way to get exercise and get into to shape.

Tee ball is the starting point for a player to learn the basics of baseball and to get acquainted to playing the sport. You learn how to throw a baseball, catch a baseball, hit a baseball, and learn the rules of the game. Such as how many outs to get, force plays at the bases, tagging runners, and more. Tee ball is also a very important social starting point. Kids learn to not be shy and to make
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This is any baseball players ultimate goal, to achieve the title of being a pro at the game. In pro ball the rules are the same as college but the schedule is far more greater. A pro level schedule has about one hundred sixty five games in it! Over one hundred more than a college schedule has. So pro players are on the road every day. Players in the pro level have perfected their skills to become the best. This is where the real competition comes in. Each team wants to achieve that goal of becoming World Series champs. But it still takes a lot of hard work to get there. In pro ball you also meet new people and get to travel all over the United States. Another great factor of being in the major leagues, is you get paid to play the game of baseball! Players can make from five hundred thousand dollars a year to five million dollars a year. Who doesn 't want to get paid to play the game they love? As you have read, the Major League level is by far the best level of baseball because you play year round and get paid to do

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