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  • Essay On DISC Assessment

    Having never taken the DISC assessment before, I was unsure about what to expect. I thought it was fairly accurate in many ways, but I felt that it very much tapped into what I consider my “work” self and did not cover much of who I am outside of that. I scored a high average score on the D spectrum. This seemed accurate, as I am relatively competitive overall, I like looking at the big-picture, I don’t mind taking risks, I can be critical of those that don’t measure up to my standards and I am very interested in new and innovative things. On the ‘I’ spectrum I scored moderately low. This indicated that I tend to remain emotionally cool when work pressure is high, I prefer to work alone when I am buried under work, I stick to the facts, I am purposely difficult to read and I am very…

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  • Emotional Intelligence Test

    My Self-Assessment The purpose of taking the DiSC personality test and the Emotional Intelligence test was to understand how I currently interact and work with colleagues, how colleagues and others communicate with me, and how I could improve my interactions. The DiSC test is based on the DISC (Dominance, Inducement, Submission, and Compliance) Theory is a four attribute behavioral model to examine the behavior of individuals within a specific environment. (Jang, 2008) According to Phycology…

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  • Reflective Essay Example Of Self Assessment

    Introduction Have you ever wondered what your greatest strengths were and how you could use those to help you advance in your career? Many people probably think they have certain personality strengths until they take an assessment to see what they actually are. I recently took a personality assessment utilizing the DISC method of scoring to see what my more dominant personality traits were. The results came back a little different than what I thought of myself at first but the more I pondered…

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  • CPOA Reflective Essay

    were the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), Disc profile, ropes course. As stated above the LPI offered a great opportunity to see where I saw myself as a supervisor. It looked into how I as a leader, modeled the way, inspired a shared vision, challenged the process, enabled others to act, and encouraged the heart. It also gave me the ability to see how my supervisors, peers, and subordinates perceived of me as an inspiring leader, did I model the way for them, was I able to…

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  • Barcode Medication Evaluation Paper

    or domain in the project goals and outcomes. Therefore, the assessment of each of these variables will provide a clear picture of whether the new system is accomplishing its respective goals. Tools for Educating Project Participants An important part of the implementation of this new system or technology is educating project participants in order to enhance the likelihood of achieving project outcomes. Medical practitioners in the institution will need to be trained on the use of the new…

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  • Medical Case Summary

    evidence regarding the claimant’s physical condition to complete the Sequential Evaluation of Disability. CASE DISCUSSION & POLICY ANALYSIS (INCLUDING SPECIFIC REFERENCES) This 59- year old claimant is filing a concurrent claim alleging disability due to arthritis in the knees, a herniated disc, scoliosis, and arthritis in the back, tendonitis in left foot, urinary leakage, and high cholesterol. The evidence in file shows the claimant has a history of chronic lumbar pain. She is mildly obese…

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  • Austen, Leigh, Platt And Kaufman's Anatomy Of Performance

    Anatomy of Performance (“AOP”) is a framework for performance improvement that uses needs assessment methods to understand and address the variables that influence organizational performance. AOP was codified as a process in 1990, with the publication of Improving Performance: How to Manage the White Space on the Organization Chart by Geary Rummler and Alan Brache. This framework emerged from decades of work by the authors in the Performance Improvement field and the Programmed Instruction…

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  • Nightingale Community Hospital Case Study

    The total average of compliance across the three departments is 87%. PACU is trending at the highest compliance of an annual 96.7%. The next highest compliance is in 3E with an annual 93.5%. The immediate focus for a Plan of Action will be to correct the annual 70.7% compliance in the ED. The pain reassessment audit in on a similar trending pattern compared to the assessment audit. The same three departments, ED, 3E and PACU, are compared in the audit with a collective annual average of 80.4%.…

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  • Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales Analysis

    The Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales second edition This short paper has the aim of reviewing the Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales second edition (RIAS-2). The first edition of this instrument was introduced about 12 years ago, (Beaujean & McGlaughlin, 2014). The new version of the RIAS will be ready for use from mid-2016, (Reynolds & Kamphaus, n.d). The RIAS-2 is an individual administered psychometric instrument designed to evaluate cognitive ability: general intelligence (g),…

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  • Od Case Study

    Tennant Company’s existing onboarding processes are far from seamless, it causes minor-to-extreme disruption, poor reputation, as well as rework for the employees and departments involved. Additionally, it causes confusion and frustration and starts the employment relationship off on the wrong foot with the newly hired employee. Assessment…

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