Barcode Medication Evaluation Paper

Evaluation Plan for Barcode Medication Administration or Scanning Barcode medication administration or scanning is a technology that has emerged to help in lessening medical errors through performing an additional check before a medication is administered to the patient. The use of this technology is also geared towards ensuring medical errors are prevented. Similar to other medication administration or scanning technologies, barcode administration or scanning helps in dealing with drug administration in cases with no double checks and addressing high-risk medications. The other goals of this technology is promoting patient safety, dealing with intravenous administration of medication, and acting as measuring instrument for ongoing quality improvement initiatives (Morgan, 2014). Therefore, barcode medication is a proposed solution for dealing with and preventing medical errors. The effectiveness of the proposed solution requires the development of an evaluation plan and disseminating evidence for the proposed solution.
Methods for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Proposed Solution A barcode is described as a machine comprehensible identifier that use several printed bars and spaces with varying widths for data
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The first evaluation method will involve conducting a qualitative study, which will examine the behaviors of the medical team using the new system in light of whether implementation goals are achieved and whether the investment on the technology was a wise decision. The evaluation of clinicians’ behaviors will also focus on whether these professionals are distracted or frustrated by alerts generated by the new system or technology. The findings of the qualitative study will be used to make any necessary changes in the system’s design, conduct education of the intervention, and enhance implementation

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