Importance Of Chiefs Petty Officer Academy

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Chiefs Petty Officer Academy (CPOA) is an extremely effective tool to help refine leadership and understand one’s self. CPOA offers a great opportunity for self reflection and learning how to communicate with many different personalities. There is a plethora of great topics that were taught during the 5 week course, however the topics that had the most influence and inspired me the most, were the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), Disc profile, ropes course. As stated above the LPI offered a great opportunity to see where I saw myself as a supervisor. It looked into how I as a leader, modeled the way, inspired a shared vision, challenged the process, enabled others to act, and encouraged the heart. It also gave me the ability to see how my supervisors, peers, and subordinates perceived of me as an inspiring leader, did I model the way for them, was I able to inspire a shared vision, when the time came could they depend on me to challenge the process, and did I did encourage their hearts through praise. People say “You are your toughest critic”. This LPI validated that statement for me by showing me that what I perceived was much lower than what my supervisors, peers, and subordinates thought. It taught me that I am a much better leader …show more content…
The ropes course gave us unique challenges to overcome what might seem simple at first, but without effective communication and working together, these tasks could not be accomplished. They seemed like little games, but were great team building exercises that taught you to trust in one another. Something simple as standing on a log and trying to get in order from oldest to smallest without touching the ground was pretty much impossible if you couldn’t put your trust in your partners not to let you fall. Much like most projects it takes a team to accomplish and you need to have that trust in your

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