Personal Statement Of Leadership In The Chief Petty Officers Academy

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“You will get out of Chiefs Academy what you put into it, so make the best of the experience.” This advice was given to me weeks ago from several of my fellow Chiefs regarding the Chief Petty Officers Academy. I left for Chief Petty Officers Academy with a positive outlook, and was determined to make the most of it. On the very first day of class, Senior Chief Rob Lynn said something that reinforced my outlook. He said “This is your Class 216, and it will be whatever you want it to be.” That simple statement resonated with me, and from that moment forward I was all in. I like to think that I did put my full effort into the class, and I will most certainly take away plenty from this experience as I move forward in my life and Coast Guard career. With that being said, simply learning the material is not enough. To quote the Leadership Development Framework (Leadership Development Framework 2-3), “It is important that you incorporate newly acquired skills into current performance. Look for the numerous, small opportunities that present themselves daily and practice your newly acquired leadership abilities.” As a leader, I
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I will do this by working with my Chiefs Mess and Training Officer to incorporate them into our Unit Leadership Development Program (ULDP). One day each week at a prescribed time and place, the Chiefs Mess will host leadership training based on the 28 Leadership Competencies. We will cover one competency per training session, with a Chief leading and facilitating the discussion. As the program takes off, the Chiefs Mess will encourage junior members to lead future sessions. This will give our junior-enlisted members and junior officers buy-in to the Coast Guard’s vision of what our service needs in our leaders, and will set them on a course for

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