Reflection Paper About Writing

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Reflection Paper

This module began with an analysis of my current writing teaching practice and with an examination of the CCT performance profile. I discussed with my mentor my current writing teaching practices and how I could improve them to give students more individualized feedback. I also wanted to give my students more opportunities to become responsible for their own learning. I would always make sure that the criteria was clearly communicated prior to an assignment. However I wanted to incorporate more strategies such as using visual anchor charts, showing examples of student work, and giving the students simple rubrics to evaluate themselves and giving them the opportunity to decide whether they reached their goal. Attending grade-level meetings also gave me an opportunity to discuss student progress, any concerns I currently had about their writing, and other strategies I could implement in my teaching. Through these strategies I knew that my students ' performance would improve because they would assume more
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I began by reviewing the writing rubric for informational writing in order to clearly convey expectations to my students before I expected them to start writing. I picked out the main criteria and created anchor charts out of them. I also used the sample anchor charts in "resources for teaching writing" by Lucy Calkins. For example, I wanted to make sure that my students knew that they needed to teach readers about a topic, tell different parts about their topic on different pages, and put facts in their writing to teach about a topic (Calkins, 124). Therefore I incorporated all these criteria into one anchor chart. I also created a separate anchor chart for language conventions to remind students about spelling sight words correctly, using punctuation, putting spaces between their words,

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